Bayer relieves data accessibility headaches with rapid Salesforce and SAP integration.

When Bayer adopted Salesforce as their new CRM and call center application, they needed to quickly integrate their cloud data and business processes with their on-premise Oracle data and SAP ERP application.  Bayer uses a custom order management solution within Salesforce but executes order fulfillment within SAP.  Integrating and automating this common business process was a critical need.

Today, Bayer uses Jitterbit to move order data between Salesforce and their Oracle Data warehouse. Once transferred to the Oracle, the data is validated against SAP to ensure data accuracy, and then subsequently updated in SAP via the IDOC interface. Updates on order fulfillment from SAP are synchronized back to Salesforce, giving the sales team complete visibility to order status. In addition, all account and product data is continually synchronized from SAP, Bayer’s system of record.

Using Jitterbit, Bayer was able to quickly and easily automate the order process across its CRM and ERP applications, with appropriate alerts and escalations built in – allowing for easy management and “set it and forget it” integration.




Salesforce, Oracle, SAP


  • Adoption of Salesforce CRM required bi-directional synchronization of order data between the Cloud and on-premise Oracle data warehouse and SAP. 
  • Custom coding too complex, needed a solution that could be deployed quickly and managed easily by a small team. 


  • Bayer able to integrate Salesforce with the rest of its Enterprise before they had fully learned how to use Salesforce. 
  • Integration delivered by 2 people. 
  • Integration development time cut down by 33%. 
  • Maintenance is minimal with true “set it and forget it” deployment. 


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