NetSuite Salesforce Integration

NetSuite – Salesforce Integration

Connect Your Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP to Drive Better Business Results with a 360-Degree View of Customer Data

Jitterbit Harmony was built with Jitterbit’s unparalleled domain expertise, delivering the powerful combination of pre-configured templates and hands-on implementation services that make it fast and easy to connect common NetSuite to Salesforce integration business flows—without code! Out-of-the-box integration between common data and business processes dramatically speeds deployments, shortens your time to value, and decreases your total cost of ownership. Dynamic configuration options allow Salesforce-NetSuite integrations to be customized to your unique business requirements and ensure maximum returns on your technology investments.

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Common NetSuite to Salesforce integration use cases using Jitterbit Harmony Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Handle Common NetSuite-Salesforce Integration Scenarios with Ease

  • Connect common data flows and business processes to improve data quality and streamline operations
  • Create timely and accurate sales quotes or generate sales orders automatically
  • Amplify your lead-to-cash process and cash flow by connecting your front and back office
  • Eliminate manual data entry and the costly errors that result
  • Give Sales and Service Reps complete access to invoices, orders, credits, holds and more
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with visibility into order, shipping, billing, cases and other information
  • Better manage your customer relationship from initial sale to fulfillment and invoicing

Unlock the Full Value of Salesforce and NetSuite with Integration

Get NetSuite-Salesforce integrations up and running fast

  • Use pre-built templates to handle common integration flows with ease
  • Take advantage of best practices and domain expertise with hands-on implementation services
  • Run all operations in the cloud or optionally deploy on-premise
  • Manage integrations from any device and set up proactive alerts

Take common integrations to the next level

  • Powerful configuration options increase the utility of integrations
  • Connect additional endpoints to expand to new use cases
  • Build real-time, scheduled, or batch integrations
  • Customize data points or workflows
  • Work with Jitterbit experts to fast-track success with complex projects

NetSuite & Salesforce Integration Success


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NetSuite – Salesforce Integration FAQs


What are the most common business advantages of NetSuite to Salesforce integration?

NetSuite to Salesforce integration can help businesses realize ROI sooner with the following business advantages:

  • Data quality
  • Automated processes, such as quote-to-cash, order management and supply chain management.
  • Single source of the truth
  • Cross-functional employee collaboration and user adoption
Does NetSuite to Salesforce integration require coding?

Coding is always an option, but not a recommended one. Many companies look at the upfront costs of an integration platform and believing that integration is simply a case of moving data from Point A to Point B, think they can accomplish this process in-house with less money and more control. In fact, for even the simplest of integrations, the opposite usually ends up being true. Custom code is not a long-term solution. Over time, the lack of scalability and dependence on programmers will balloon costs and create an unmanageable collection of hand-coded scripts.

With Harmony, you get the scale, control, flexibility and monitoring tools necessary to make each of your NetSuite integrations sing.

How long does a successful NetSuite to Salesforce integration take?

Every integration project is going to differ. How long your NetSuite integration takes depends on the complexity of your project, the type of integration you’re putting in place (scheduled vs. real-time), the available resources and many other considerations. However, on average, Jitterbit customers go live with their first NetSuite integration in less than 30 days.

Learn more about Salesforce integration here.

What are the most common integrations you connect NetSuite and Salesforce for?

With Jitterbit Harmony, you can easily integrate NetSuite and Salesforce for Account & Contact Synchronization, Product & Pricing Master and Quote-to-Cash. Plus, you can integrate NetSuite and Salesforce with just about any system, on-premises or in the cloud. Ask us about your other endpoints.

What are the advantages of using Jitterbit for NetSuite to Salesforce integration?

Jitterbit’s agile, modern integration platform provides you with the following advantages:

  • Speed. Most of our customers are up and running with their first integration in less than 30 days. But perhaps the most important factor is how fast can you build incremental integrations to deliver compelling customer experiences. Your company is adding new technology all the time. It’s not only about how fast you build your first integration, but how fast you can connect the next one and next one. Jitterbit makes this fast with Harmony’s easy-to-use, graphical interface and no dependence on writing code.
  • Simplicity. Jitterbit customers are up and running so quickly because Jitterbit is simple and designed for the technical business analyst. The graphical “clicks not code” approach, our Citizen Integrator pre-built recipes for common connections and modern cloud platform simplify the design, deployment and management of modern integration projects.
  • Trust. No matter how complex or straightforward your NetSuite integration is, our team of experts is on hand to help you every step of the way. We’re #1 in customer satisfaction and have a 98 percent customer retention rate.
How do I get started with NetSuite to Salesforce integration?

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