NetSuite Integration

Connect NetSuite to other applications to enable a 360-degree view of your customers

Fast-Track NetSuite Integrations with Pre-built Process Templates

Packaged solution

Packaged solution

speeds integration and reduces technical resources


Standard connections

Standard connections

minimize the need for additional customization

Pre-built workflows

Pre-built workflows

automate data synchronization between objects

Integrated processes

Integrated processes

eliminate manual data entry, data exports, and costly delays

The API Lifecycle of a Customer


Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

Connect NetSuite with legacy, on-premises, and cloud applications to automate your business processes and transform your company into a data-driven enterprise.

Jitterbit Harmony integration platform connects data, people and devices to streamline business processes, accelerate innovation, and drive greater efficiencies in your organization.


Streamline Sales Order Creation

Synchronize Contact, Account, Customer, Item, and Inventory between NetSuite and Salesforce. Automatically create a sales order in NetSuite when an opportunity closes in Salesforce.


Create a Smooth E-Commerce Experience

Synchronize Customer, Inventory Items, Shipment, and Fulfillment status between NetSuite and Magento. Automatically create a sales order when an invoice is created in Magento.


Improve the Accuracy and Speed of Creating Orders

Synchronize Contact, Account, and Inventory Items between NetSuite and Dynamics 365 Sales. Automatically create a sales order in NetSuite when an opportunity closes in Dynamics 365 Sales.


Accelerate Order Fulfillment

Creating a smooth e-commerce experience requires visibility into the end-to-end customer journey.

This Process Template helps you quickly synchronize Customer, Items, Sales Order, and Fulfillment status between NetSuite and BigCommerce. Automatically create a shipment in BigCommerce when fulfillment status is updated to shipped in NetSuite.

Easy to Build and Scale Integrations

See how to quickly sync data between NetSuite and Salesforce, and automate the creation of a sales order

Hamish Purdey, CEO, Intelliflo

Transforming Data into Business Value

“The real benefit of the Jitterbit software is that it just connects things to things. When you start to apply that logic to the rest of the business, then you can achieve some pretty amazing outcomes.”

– Hamish Purdey, CEO, Intelliflo

NetSuite Integration Success

Learn how our customers are transforming their businesses and boosting the return on their IT investments.

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