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NetSuite Integration

The Future of Integration is Here

'Built for Oracle NetSuite' Integrated SuiteApp badge for Jitterbit Harmony Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Jitterbit is a Built for NetSuite and SuiteSuccess-verified partner. With years of experience building NetSuite integrations, combined with our tailored customer success methodology and best-in-class support, Jitterbit enables companies to accelerate business outcomes with integration initiatives going live in days or weeks, not months or years.

Jitterbit EiPaaS Cloud Studio

One iPaaS. Integration Solutions for All.

Our NetSuite integrations are built on an extensible integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that enables you to easily connect your SaaS, on-premises and cloud systems. Quickly automate your business processes and build real-time integrations by using intuitive integration design tools, pre-built solutions, and an API management (APIM) suite. Jitterbit’s integration platform helps companies get full visibility into the business driving greater efficiencies in your organization, and providing the flexibility to pivot to new business opportunities quickly.

Comprehensive NetSuite Integration Solutions


Connect Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP for a Customer 360 View and Drive Better Business Results

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netsuite-dynamics-365Create Sales Orders Faster

Seamless sales order management with out-of-the-box integrations for Dynamics CRM

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Invoice to Payment

Sync User, Supplier, Items, Invoice and Payments between NetSuite and Coupa

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netsuite-coupa-1Expense Management

Integrate key expense processes between NetSuite and Coupa to increase productivity

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netsuite-shopifyFast Order Fulfillment 

Sync Customer, Items, Orders, and Fulfillment status between NetSuite and Shopify

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netsuite-bigcommerceOrder to Fulfillment

Sync Customer, Items, Orders, and Fulfillment status between NetSuite and BigCommerce

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netsuite-magentoFulfill Customer Orders

Fulfill customer orders quickly and accurately between NetSuite and Magento

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workday-to-netsuiteOnboard Employees

Automate data synchronizations for new hire onboarding and termination offboarding workflows

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netsuite-coupa-1Streamline Procurement

Connect ERP to Coupa with reusable integrations that help eliminate manual data entry

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Easy to Build and Scale Integrations

See how to quickly sync data between NetSuite and Salesforce and automate the creation of a sales order

NetSuite Integration Success

Learn how our customers are transforming their businesses and boosting the return on their IT investments.

NetSuite Integration FAQs


Why integrate NetSuite with your other systems?

NetSuite is a robust cloud-based ERP system that helps companies plan all aspects of their business. Yet, most companies also use other software to run the business. To get the most out of NetSuite, you need to connect it to other applications and data sources – sales, marketing, logistics, procurement, and more. Integration is the key to maximizing the value of your NetSuite system and its complementary applications. By integrating critical systems with NetSuite, companies can:

Automate manual processes: There is a wealth of information across systems, from orders to marketing to purchasing to support.  The problem is that this data resides across disconnected and siloed systems. Data is often pulled manually from one system and input into another. Automatically synchronizing the data in these disparate systems helps streamline processes, such as quote-to-cash, order fulfillment, and supply chain management. The result is increased productivity and a single source of truth for your data. 

Reduce data errors: Customer data lives in different applications, but that data is often the same, a mailing address, for example. Manually entering and re-entering data into other systems can lead to errors. Suppose a business isn’t automating and synchronizing this data behind the scenes. In that case, there’s a potential a customer will be asked for that information multiple times, or worse yet, there are errors in the data. Integration ensures automatic data consistency across your disparate applications. 

Drive greater efficiencies:  Though a custom integration may be fast to deploy at first, once a business needs to edit or connect additional systems or automate new business processes, that custom integration code is less malleable. Custom integrations are not reusable and require resources to maintain. Integrations built with easy-to-use, low code, extensible integration tools help you scale so that new integration requirements can be met with ease.

What are some common NetSuite integration use cases?

NetSuite integrations span many different use cases, but the goal of each is to extend NetSuite into many business processes to increase data accuracy, achieve widespread automation, support new business objectives, and improve overall efficiency. For example:

Automating Opportunity to Order. When sales opportunities close, orders need to be processed as efficiently and quickly as possible. Providing a seamless customer order experience requires integrating data and processes across your systems. When sales opportunities close in your CRM system, automatically creating sales orders in your ERP system helps reduce data entry errors and improve order accuracy.

Accelerating Order to Fulfillment. To create a smooth purchasing experience, you need visibility into the end-to-end customer journey. Orders must be exported from sales systems and fed into distribution systems. Shipment information needs to be relayed to the customer to follow their purchase delivery, and inventory needs to be updated instantaneously. Building exceptional customer experiences depends on the ability to capture, harness, and process data and insights across a complex landscape of applications.

Why choose Jitterbit for integration with NetSuite?

Jitterbit is a Built for NetSuite and SuiteSuccess-verified partner. With years of experience building NetSuite integrations, Jitterbit and our community of certified partners have the expertise to provide you with NetSuite integrations that enable fast time-to-value, drive greater efficiencies in your organization, and increase the flexibility to pivot to new business opportunities quickly. 

Jitterbit Harmony – Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – provides powerful NetSuite API integration tools that make it fast and easy to connect business flows, providing the following advantages:

Speed. Most of our customers are up and running with their first integration in less than 30 days. But perhaps the most important factor is how fast you can build additional integrations to deliver compelling customer experiences. Your business is adding new technology all the time. It’s not only about how quickly you develop your first integration but also how fast you can connect the next one. Jitterbit has a robust toolkit that shortens integration time and provides standardization of integrations and the reusability of code.

Simplicity. Jitterbit customers are up and running quickly because Jitterbit is simple and designed for the technical business analyst. The graphical “clicks not code” approach, pre-built NetSuite Connector, Recipes and Templates, and modern cloud platform simplify the design, deployment, and management of NetSuite integration projects.

Trust. No matter how complex or straightforward your NetSuite integration is, our team of experts is on hand to help you every step of the way. We’re #1 in overall ratings in G2 and have been in the Gartner Enterprise iPaaS Magic Quadrant 8 years in a row.

How do I get started with NetSuite integration?

The Jitterbit team has a wealth of expertise across many NetSuite integration use casesStart a trial or talk to one of our experts about your requirements for the best plan of action.

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