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Rapidly Integrate with Cloud Studio

Accelerate your integration design to achieve business success quickly

With the next generation, web-based interface, Cloud Studio allows you to quickly integrate any system. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily create, design, and manage integration projects to orchestrate critical business processes. This intuitive interface focused on efficiency and ease-of-use provides you the powerful tools to accelerate your business processes and drive your digital transformation.


Create any integration rapidly with our modern graphical interface.

  • Build and maintain integration flows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Rapid integration using pre-built application connectors and standards-based connectivity
  • Reuse existing code and business logic
  • Efficient mapping enables powerful data transformation logic
  • Set your integrations to run on a schedule or in real time

Jitterbit Cloud Studio showing a flow of information from Magento to Postgres database.


Rapidly create connectivity with the no-code Connector Builder.

  • Build reusable connectors to suit your use case
  • Create a connector in four easy steps
  • Enable connectivity with any REST-based application
  • Control and optimize connector configuration
  • Easily publish, manage, and share new connectors

Jitterbit Connector Builder interface showing a custom Jira software connector.


Create deep code-based connectivity with Connector SDK.

  • Enable developers and partners to develop sophisticated connectors
  • Utilize the developer portal as a framework for your development
  • Execute your custom request and response workflows
  • Implement proprietary logic and customize the user experience

Connector SDK developer portal with sample code for creating custom connector.


Work together on projects in real time.

  • Enable multiple users to concurrently edit different parts of the same project
  • Optimize with collaborative working sessions
  • Automatically sync workflow changes in real time
  • Interactively modify logins, flows, and configurations
Multi-user collaboration on single project in Jitterbit Cloud Studio.

Accelerate Your Integration Design with Cloud Studio


Connect to any app by using one of our pre-built connectors or standards-based connectivity.

  • Configure popular apps with a wizard-driven approach
  • Connect to any system through REST or SOAP-based APIs
  • Extend connectivity via JDBC, ODBC, JMS, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and more
  • Create your own APIs in any format (REST, SOAP, JSON, OData)

Application Connector Creation

Build your custom application connectors using Connector Builder or Connector SDK

  • Create reusable connectors with the no-code Connector Builder
  • Create sophisticated connectors with Connector SDK
  • Control and optimize your connector configuration
  • Implement proprietary logic and define the user experience

Workflow Designer

Build powerful visual integration flows that bring together your apps, data mappings, and business processes.

  • Accelerate your time to deployment with pre-built integration templates for common integrations
  • Easily chain multiple flows together to create powerful digital processes
  • Add automated notifications, routing rules and more
  • Set your integrations to run on a schedule, triggered, or real-time

Data Mapping & Transformation

Quickly map data structures between your apps and create powerful transformations.

  • Use Jitterbit Automapper to intelligently map similar fields on-the-fly
  • Add business logic with over 300 included formulas
  • Support for custom objects and fields
  • Validate and test your mappings

Integration Lifecycle

Virtual environments make it simple to manage the complete integration lifecycle from design to production.  

  • Test new functionality without disrupting your existing integrations
  • Easily migrate projects between environments
  • Assign Smart Agents to run in one or many environments


  • Multiple users can work on the same project at the same time
  • Manage, edit, and interact in collaborative working sessions
  • Share integration flows, created connectors, business logic, and configurations

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