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Hyperautomate Workflows

The current pace of business is faster than ever before. To work smarter and faster, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to remove bottlenecks and make better decisions.

IT departments are no exception. Talent is becoming increasingly scarce while business applications and data management projects are growing in volume and complexity. Out of need, business technologists sitting outside of IT are increasingly developing applications. Unfortunately, these projects may not adhere to an organization’s corporate governance or security protocols, creating great risk.

IT and business technologists alike need low-code application platforms (LCAP) that make development quick and easy for citizen developers with little to no code, yet also ensure that companies stay in compliance with governance and security requirements.

of companies are focused on creating connected experiences using low or no-code platforms

of tech products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals by 2024

of employees can be described as business technologists

The Solution: Jitterbit’s Low-Code App Builder

Introducing Jitterbit App Builder

App Builder is a low-code application development tool that helps organizations rapidly build, deploy and maintain web and mobile-based applications. It extends development of business applications beyond the traditional IT department and into the hands of business technologists.

As an extension of the capabilities within Jitterbit Harmony, App Builder is designed to provide easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual application tools to users with little to no coding. With a built-in connector, APIs exposed using Harmony can be used to move data from the application to backend systems. This means data can flow continuously between App Builder and an organization’s APIs exposed within Harmony.

App Builder Features:

Easy to use visual application builder with drag-and-drop functionality

Progressive web apps designed to provide the functionality of a native app

Application logic that automates data flow

Mobile-friendly interface

Customizable applications

Flexible configurations

Jitterbit App Builder Benefits:


  • Workflow hyperautomation. Integration with API Manager means data never stops flowing so companies can automate processes from end to end.
  • Increased productivity by reducing process touchpoints by up to 90 percent. With App Builder, companies can eliminate manual workflows and improve efficiency. 
  • Risk mitigation introduced by traditional application development methodologies. 
  • Consolidation of app development efforts. App Builder helps consolidate and streamline app development initiatives inside the organization. 
  • Standardization of app interactions. App Builder enables a unified experience for various workloads reducing context switching costs for end users.
  • Simplified IT management. App Builder removes the headache of maintaining various infrastructures to run applications.

Potential Jitterbit App Builder Use Cases

Invoice Management

Provide more visibility into invoice management for all trading partners.

Lead Tracking

Provide visibility for marketing and sales teams to sift through customer data.

Asset Management

Ensure employees have all they need to be engaged and productive.

Field Service Appointment Note Management

Empower field service technicians and supervisors to easily access customer data.

Merchandise Product Information-Sharing

Create a single source of truth for product data for critical stakeholders.

Customer-Facing Employee Data Management

Provide increased visibility for customer-facing employees to view sales-related data.

Many Ways to Use Jitterbit’s Low-Code App Builder


Our low-code application development tool bridges the gap between your IT teams and business technologists so that critical data can be viewed and acted upon faster and easier. This includes insights from HR, procurement, service, customer, e-commerce and more.

With App Builder, you can better access data from key system endpoints integrated with Jitterbit Harmony including:

  • HR: Workday, Coupa, Concur, SmartRecruiters, Oracle and more
  • Service: BMC, ServiceNow, Zendesk, ServiceMax, Jira and more
  • eCommerce: Amazon, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more
  • ERP: NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Sage, QuickBooks, and more

Low-Code App Builder FAQs

Is App Builder part of Harmony?

Yes, App Builder is an added capability of Jitterbit Harmony, our low-code integration platform. Harmony is now the only enterprise integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that offers API management and low-code application development in a single platform.

How do users access App Builder from Harmony?

App Builder and Harmony offer a single sign-on experience. For those with an existing Harmony license, an App Builder tile will appear on the Harmony dashboard interface and users will be able to access the tool from there. APIs built with API Manager will be accessible within App Builder.

How does App Builder work?

App Builder provides an easy-to-use visual application builder with drag-and-drop capabilities, minimizing the need for coding. Customers can easily build user-facing business applications off of the automations already created in Jitterbit Harmony. With Harmony’s API Manager serving as a built-in connector, data can flow continuously between App Builder and an organization’s APIs exposed within the platform.

What are some use case examples of App Builder?

App Builder can help automate a range of processes, even the smallest ones. Here are just a few examples of the many use cases for this low-code application platform:

  • Asset management. App Builder can help organizations manage, track, provision and deprovision employees’ assets, pulling in data from systems that are integrated with Jitterbit Harmony, such as BMC Helix and ServiceNow. 
  • Data accessibility for shop floor-based employees. App Builder is the perfect way to provide critical sales or product related details to employees who typically work on a shop floor, assembly line, or other similar responsibility. This information can easily be accessed from a CRM or order management system such as Oracle or Salesforce that are integrated with Jitterbit Harmony.
  • Employee Expense Management. App Builder is a great option for organizations whose processes are all or mostly manual and managed via e-mail exchanges, which is time-consuming, prone to errors and has low visibility. Data can easily be retrieved from Concur, Workday, and other related HR systems already integrated with Jitterbit Harmony.
  • Lead Tracking. For many organizations, leads are collected manually and captured in multiple spreadsheets and other systems. Using App Builder, lead info stored in Salesforce, Marketo and other systems can be made easily available and trackable with a single application interface.
  • Sales Engineer Demo Management Dashboard. App Builder can automate demo environment provisioning, creating a simple web form with four or five different clickable options, each one representing a particular demonstration.

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