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Consulting firm boosts customer acquisition with differentiated real-time cloud CRM integration.

A big client approached Walker with the requirement that their tools had to interface with Salesforce CRM.  Though Walker had been doing web services and web-based development and integration for a long time, they had never worked with Salesforce.  Walker needed an integration tool that was easy to manage and that could quickly solve their integration challenge in order to win the new business.

Jitterbit is used to interface between Walker’s on-premise customer research and analysis tools and the company’s data management app for Salesforce, PowerInsights.  This bi-directional integration allows for customer survey data to be instantly synchronized and for clients to work in both systems off of the same data.   The integration between Salesforce and Oracle helped Walker  to not only land the new account but to create an offering that produced additional new business.


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Oracle DB, Salesforce


  • Prospective business required operability with Salesforce CRM
  • Automated integration between on-premise Oracle-based tools and the customer facing Salesforce App, PowerInsights


  • Real-time “two-way street” keeps on-premise and Cloud in sync
  • Enables clients to use both Walker tools and Salesforce
  • Flexible integration  quickly meets new client requirements
  • Integration is a differentiator and helps win new business

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