Demand Creation agency offers clients outsourced integrated marketing campaigns.

Televerde is a B2B outsourced demand creation agency that helps high-tech companies to identify new customers, accelerate sales opportunities, and discover fresh, actionable market insight.  Televerde needed a solution to integrate client CRM and Marketing applications with Televerde applications and their internal CRM system.

Jitterbit allows Televerde to integrate their clients’ applications to their own much faster than they could do it manually. It would take several weeks to code integration for a single client, which meant it was not even worth doing for projects that only lasted a few months. Televerde can have this same integration up and running in a day or two with Jitterbit. With Jitterbit, they are now able to offer integration to all their clients.




Dynamics CRM, Eloqua, Marketo, Other


  • Onboard new clients with integration of key marketing applications
  • Client engagements are rapidly spun up and down, and coding is too time-consuming and labor intensive to offer for shorter projects
  • Custom code requires developers, time, and can only be offered to 10% of clients


  • Integration offered to all clients is a competitive advantage
  • Development team freed to work on customer-facing projects
  • Completely managed by the non-technical client services team
  • Jitterpak templates mean new clients are integrated in hours

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