Talent Plus

Talent Plus

Talent assessment partner maximizes potential with Salesforce and Back Office integration.

In 2012, Talent Plus started using  Salesforce.com.  In order to use it, they needed to integrate it with all the key back office data that lived in their homegrown system.  The back office system already had an API that they could access, but it wasn’t built out with all the details they needed, so Talent Plus needed a creative way to get in all the information they needed without requiring developers time.

Salesforce MVPs and one of their partners told them about Jitterbit due to it’s flexibility and cost effectiveness.  Jitterbit proved to be the correct choice.  An independent ROI study conducted by Salesforce found that TalentPlus realized a return on our overall investment in Salesforce and Jitterbit within just 2 months!

TalentPlus use Jitterbit to synch data between their home grown custom application, TalentBank, and Salesforce.


Talent Plus


Salesforce, TalentBank


  • Replacing existing custom home grown app with Salesforce.com and integration solution. 
  • Needed, rapid, flexible solution to long term business challenge. 


  • Allowed decision to switch from custom application to Salesforce.
  • Created seamless Integration between TalentBank and Salesforce. 
  • Eliminated costly development resources and managed by one in-house resource.
  • Integration saves 50 client-facing reps 3 hours a week in manual data management (7,500 hours a year, ~$250k a year).

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