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Sika bonds product data across its enterprise with seamless Salesforce and SAP integration.

Sika was using the Salesforce Data Loader to automate the movement of flat file exports from SAP into Salesforce on a manual basis a couple days a week.   This process required many hours to solve data manipulation and transformations with every load, and someone had to manually look up Sales team members and assign their records.

Today, Sika uses Jitterbit to automate the integration of Sales and Accounting data between SAP and Salesforce.   In addition, Jitterbit connects individual sales data, product mix, credit, and accounts receivable issues between Sika’s front and back office, giving the organization complete visibility to the sales process from both Salesforce and SAP.  The migration from manual data loads to complete Jitterbit integration took only 2 days.





Salesforce, SAP


  • Eliminated manual data-entry and file exports
  • Automated closed loop processes (Sales, Product, Credit & AR)
  • Implemented SAP integration without support during free trial
  • Product synchronization process completed in less than 48 hours

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