With Jitterbit, Neopost Achieves Improved Efficiencies, 360-Degree Customer View

Neopost is a global provider of digital communications, mailing solutions, graphics and shipping software. Although the company is headquartered in France, its presence has been prominent in Australia since 1998, where it serves more than 15,000 customers.

Neopost ties physical mail into digital communications solutions, in order to support customers’ integrated communications strategies. Neopost is proud to be innovating in a market that is grappling with evolving customer demands by providing technologically advanced solutions for tracking and tracing of letters, parcels and of the supply chain.

Recently, Karen Kavanagh, marketing director of Neopost, and her colleagues noticed that there was an opportunity to improve the way the organization attended to its customers’ needs. The Neopost team felt they could improve their internal efficiencies, as well as their customer service by focusing on streamlining and automating their lead to invoice order process.

Siloed Systems Left Room for Improvement

In order to transform a lead into a happy customer, Neopost operated five independent platforms such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. In effect, the company was working in silos. Kavanagh and the larger team understood that there was an opportunity to improve how those disparate platforms interacted with one another to provide better internal communications, as well as build stronger customer relationships.

Disparate systems left Neopost without a 360-degree view of the customer. There was no simple and streamlined lead-to-customer-install process. The team knew it needed to increase its internal efficiencies in order to improve the customer experience it offered.



Need to Deliver Improved Customer Experience Drives Transformation

The desire to improve its operations with the objective of delivering improved customer service propelled Neopost into action. While both marketing and sales teams had their own tools and system for measuring success, neither team understood how their activities impacted revenue and the return on their company’s investments.

Kavanagh and team began by integrating their online shop with their CRM. Everyone else quickly bought into the project, excited about a 360-degree view of the customer-facing process. The team selected Jitterbit to integrate all of its disparate systems and the data that flowed between them with the promise of improved customer relationships.

From Disparate Systems to a Cohesive Workflow

Prior to working with Jitterbit, Neopost had to manually take bits and pieces from each data source to build a complete view of the customer. This led to what the team called their “black hole”: Sales people couldn’t see where their customers’ orders were, or whether the customer received the goods in the time promised.

The entire organization spent too much time digging for data to send sales reps, and the sales reps spent too much time chasing that information. Marketers were similarly compromised without a way to pull up a 360-degree view of the customer journey. Jitterbit not only linked the various Neopost systems, but it did so in a way that created a cohesive, continuous flow of information across the enterprise.

Jitterbit’s Integration Platform Delivers New Economic Value

Jitterbit is helpful for organizations like Neopost because it does more than simply create static links for data to flow between platforms. In essence, Jitterbit enabled the composition of a platform, which preserves the investments Neopost had already made — technology and personnel-wise — within various facets of the business.

Allowing existing platforms to remain intact is important for organizations, such as Neopost, with complex workflows. Jitterbit allowed Neopost to keep existing workflows and business rules. These workflows and rules are crucial, as they ensured the integrity of each order across their various platforms. Jitterbit improved efficiencies without requiring changes to existing workflows, delivering an integrated process that allows Neopost to maximize sales productivity and customer service.

Jitterbit Yields Quick Results

Kavanagh and team perceived the Jitterbit project to be a massive endeavor at its outset. They were concerned they were going to have to change many of their own internal processes and systems. However, their fears were alleviated when they understood that they could centralize their integration processes rather than deploy integrations at a division level.

The overall implementation using Jitterbit — linking existing systems to a single platform — took just two months and instantly made the entire lead-to-sale process more visible. With Jitterbit, Neopost was able to:

  • Transform its contact center. The contact center had been a hub for handling every order in the business. With Jitterbit in place, individual sales reps are now able to key in and track their own orders. Sales reps are now able to give customers more accurate information on order status. This ability has also transformed its contact center into an outbound hub that has allowed the organization to improve the lead-generation process by making more regular contact with customers.
  • Improve productivity. Neopost has already been able to re-deploy people within its business to other roles because of the improved productivity that Jitterbit has enabled. For example, the organization has reduced customer credits by 25 percent. They’ve also been able to reduce the amount of people needed to maintain the lead generation process from four to one.

With Jitterbit, Neopost turned a siloed organization into a more efficient, customer-focused company. Because of Jitterbit’s integration platform, account executives can own their customer relationships in a more meaningful way. Neopost has transformed, in a matter of months, from a company reacting to customer concerns to an organization that is able to proactively improve its own processes and customer service.

An Easy to Use Integration Platform

Neopost found Jitterbit Harmony’s Enterprise iPaaS platform easy to use and implement. One of the major advantages of using Jitterbit is that Neopost was able to execute on all integration projects on time with limited FTE resources. Karen found the product’s user interface easy to learn, enabling their small team to gain expertise and be productive in just a few weeks. Moreover, the Jitterbit support team was really on top of their game in terms of responsiveness to any questions or issues. The project success has resulted in Neopost obtaining great value on their investment in Jitterbit and expanding their use cases over years.







Endpoints Connected

  • Magento
  • MoveEx
  • Salesforce
  • NetSuite
  • ServiceMax



  • Too many different systems meant siloed customer information
  • Siloed structure meant Neopost was reactive rather than proactive
  • Marketing and sales had “black holes” that limited their view of the customer
  • Lack of visibility to quoting, pricing and back office
  • Salespeople spent too much time chasing data vs. interacting with customers
  • No simple, streamlined lead-to-customer-install process
  • Each lead required 4 people to turn into a customer install
  • Manual order management processes
  • Error prone data processes and data duplication
  • Concerns about implementing and learning new platforms



  • Preserved employee familiarity with proven systems
  • Added new business value from a customer-facing point of view
  • Shrunk overhead costs
  • Turned disparate systems into one, unified system
  • Went from a reactive organization to a proactive one
  • Improved customer relationships on an individual level
  • Increased efficiencies for the sales funnel
  • A true, 360-degree view of customers
  • Integration is now a platform differentiation
  • Sync up of CRM and ecommerce systems in real time with back-office
  • 25% reduction in Customer Credits
  • 75% reduction in number of resources needed to maintain lead generation process
  • 40% faster order processing time
  • 4 resources shifted to more strategic areas of business

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