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Mind Gym Gets Fast Feedback with Jitterbit

A personal trainer can help you sculpt your abs, but Mind Gym training builds your mental muscles. The company provides innovative training courses, grounded in the principles of psychology, to help professionals become more engaged, thoughtful and productive at work. Its customers include FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies around the world, and more than a million people have completed Mind Gym courses with hundreds of coaches.

Although Mind Gym’s courses were running smoothly and helping participants advance their careers, the company wanted to shape up some of its internal processes with integration. The company uses NetSuite as its primary system of record, but needed to connect this back office information to other systems, including its scheduling database and internal mobile app.

The custom coded integrations that had been put in place weren’t working seamlessly, and the developers who coded them had moved on without documenting their work well enough for others to continue it. As part of an effort to streamline IT operations, Mind Gym sought an integration solution that was fast to implement but also flexible enough to accommodate new integrations in the future.

Jitterbit’s NetSuite Connector attracted Mind Gym because it was already built and would be quick to implement, and the company wanted to avoid having to find a developer with both NetSuite and Ruby on Rails expertise. The company wanted to get hands on right away, and a quick live demo showing how easy it was to connect NetSuite to the Mind Gym database with Jitterbit gave the company the confidence to move forward. Jitterbit professional services handled the majority of the implementation, which took just a few weeks, then handed over the project to a new data analyst who now spends just a few minutes a day making sure all operations are running smoothly.

Connecting apps has solved a full set of challenges for Mind Gym. Scheduling training sessions is much easier because coaches can easily share their availability and get course assignments through a mobile app. Jitterbit pushes coach availability from the app back to NetSuite, where account managers look at a course dashboard and make smart scheduling decisions that get sent right back to the coaching app. This allows Mind Gym to ensure complete course coverage, and coaches to know their schedules farther in advance – or fill in at the last minute if needed.

Jitterbit also helps Mind Gym collect feedback faster. Before, coaches collected physical feedback cards from participants after training sessions, then mailed them into the office to be manually entered into NetSuite. Now, coaches simply scan the feedback cards with the mobile app and Jitterbit automatically sends the images into NetSuite for data entry. This has taken feedback time down from two weeks to the same day, enabling rapid reporting on coach performance. Mind Gym customers count on feedback from course participants to gauge the value of the coursework, so making that feedback available faster has become a huge advantage for the company.

Mind Gym is continues to explore new ways to use Jitterbit to improve its programs. For example, course participants take follow-up surveys to assess their knowledge and that of their peers, enabling smart recommendations for future training courses. To expand on these course recommendations, Mind Gym wants to connect survey results with the rest of its systems for deeper reporting and analysis. Mind Gym is also building out a client portal to enable additional interaction and follow-up with participants after courses, and may eventually offer access to training courses through a mobile app.

Jitterbit is the fast, flexible integration solution that Mind Gym needed to support and improve its training programs, and it will provide the foundation for future improvements as well. Now that’s smart.

Company name

Mind Gym


Business Services


Mind Gym provides research-based learning experiences for management development, performance management, employee engagement, and other key elements of workforce success.


NetSuite, custom Ruby on Rails–based application, MongoDB, custom mobile app

Previous Solution

Custom Code


  • Custom coded integrations were slow and not well understood
  • Needed to standardize on NetSuite as system of record but push data elsewhere
  • It took too long to process feedback from course participants


  • Reduced feedback processing time from two weeks to the same day
  • Coaches can improve sessions faster
  • Survey results help identify additional courses for participants to explore
  • Mobile scheduling app helps connect coaches with classes faster

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