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Inphi delivers high-speed connectivity solutions to move data between and inside data centers. Inphi’s end-to-end data transport platform delivers high signal integrity at leading-edge data speeds, addressing performance and bandwidth bottlenecks in networks, from fiber to memory.

To move data internally, Inphi relies on several different systems. Sales and quality teams work in Salesforce; procurement, planning, and financial departments use Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS); and the engineering team manages the design process in Autodesk Vault. Prior to embarking on an integration project, Autodesk PLM 360 had been brought on board to begin enabling change management across departments. Although each team was using its tools to the fullest, the lack of communication between systems made it necessary for staff members in multiple departments to spend lots of time manually searching for the data they needed.

“Our teams needed more visibility. The data resided in various systems and it created a lot of extra legwork to look up information and help people get what they needed in a timely fashion.”

– Robb Johnson, Director of Technology, Inphi Corporation

Return merchandise authorizations (RMAs), for example, were initially entered in Salesforce and ultimately approved in Autodesk PLM 360, but there was no way to track an RMA throughout its lifecycle, so people had to communicate with other departments for updates. Bills of materials (BOMs) were stored on spreadsheets that were emailed around and manually uploaded into Oracle EBS. Because the BOMs weren’t connected with Autodesk Vault, engineers had to spend a significant amount of time preparing for design reviews by manually comparing their Vault designs to the BOM spreadsheets.

Finally, advanced reporting required integration of information from all of these systems.  A data warehouse using Microsoft SQL had been created and several pieces of data were being imported from the other systems to support part lookups, process change orders, and enable other cross-systems processes, but the information still wasn’t available in a single interface accessible to most users.

To make sure that data could flow smoothly between the newly implemented PLM 360 and other systems, Inphi decided to integrate its four key business systems; Oracle EBS, Vault, Salesforce, and PLM 360, to increase team productivity across functional areas and reduce errors. In addition, the collective data needed to be fed into the new data warehouse for analysis.

With Autodesk’s recommendation, Inphi chose to connect applications using Jitterbit’s cloud integration platform as the technology backbone and work with Razorleaf, a partner with Autodesk expertise, to establish the workflows and implement the integration. Inphi and Razorleaf went through a discovery process to determine the data points and business processes that would need to be integrated from Salesforce and Oracle EBS with Autodesk PLM 360 and Vault. The challenge with any integration is not just the passing of data, but ensuring that the process is working effectively and accurately while meeting the needs of the user.

“With the integration, Salesforce is constantly updated with new information and the sales team can instantly see all the data they need.  Our customer response time, overall customer satisfaction, and sales team efficiency have all improved.”

– Robb Johnson, Director of Technology, Inphi Corporation

Based on the initial discovery and design process, the team built a complete integration in weeks, connecting and testing each application in just a few days. Now that all of Inphi’s systems are truly integrated, crucial data is always available in the latest format across the organization, giving Inphi staff automated, cross-systems visibility into all the information about any given project. This makes it much easier for staff to communicate with customers about RMAs and access the latest BOMs for design purposes, among other endeavors.

Jitterbit is set up to automatically generate an item in Autodesk Vault to which engineers can attach relevant design documents, and link the item to a PLM 360 item to manage BOMs and version control. Razorleaf also created an integration with Jitterbit that makes it possible for clients to approve design changes directly from an email, without having to log in to PLM 360.

“Through Vault, we can quickly access the drawings and other design data that people used to have to go searching for. Now PLM 360 is driving the design process in Vault and there is better data integrity and visibility across the company.”

– Robb Johnson, Director of Technology, Inphi Corporation

To take its integration to the next level, Inphi also added a reporting layer for the data warehouse. Jitterbit pushes current, accurate data from PLM 360 to a Microsoft SQL database for in-depth SSRS reporting on the status of items, so Inphi staffers can identify where to focus their efforts and attention. The process of connecting PLM 360 to the database went smoothly, and reports now identify all tasks being done across functions and when critical deadlines are approaching. Project leaders can see overall project status, completed or outstanding tasks, and the affected resources. Being able to quickly identify problems and reallocate resources helps ensure that deadlines are met and projects stay on schedule. Inphi plans to connect other data sources in the future, and the reporting project will continue to evolve as users request insight into new data points.

Moving Forward

Inphi will continue to integrate efforts across business, products, and production systems and further enhance reporting capabilities to streamline the product introduction process. Inphi has already achieved massive return on its integration investment in the form of improved process efficiency and data integrity across multiple systems. Reducing manual data entry and eliminating the need to spend time tracking down information has helped to accelerate projects as well. The company is now moving forward as fast as its data moves around data centers.




Inphi Corporation is a leading provider of high-speed connectivity solutions.




Autodesk PLM 360, Autodesk Vault, Salesforce, Oracle EBS, Microsoft SQL database

  • Account management in Salesforce – RMAs
  • Financial information in Oracle EBS
  • Design processes in Autodesk Vault
  • Change management and bills of materials in PLM 360
  • Reporting in Microsoft SQL database


  • Lack of visibility into data across the organization
  • Time wasted calling and emailing internally to get updates
  • Mission-critical information was stored on undated spreadsheets
  • Manual data entry led to inaccuracies


  • Implemented complete change management system in PLM 360
  • Improved customer communication around RMAs
  • Eliminated manual processes and stopped wasting time searching for data
  • Achieved a new level of visibility into data and operations across the organization

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