Bounce Energy

Bounce Energy

Leading energy provider powers growth through EDI order and fulfillment automation.

Bounce embraces new technologies in order to offer our customers better products. Jitterbit is part of the foundation that allows us to do this.

Karl Trollinger, CMO, Bounce Energy

In the state of Texas, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the format for all transacted data.  When Bounce Energy was founded, the company needed an off-the-shelf integration platform that could handle the heavy lifting of transacting EDI data between partners,  ERCOT (the state agency that oversees the  Texas electricity marketplace) and Bounce themselves.   Bounce wanted to avoid any situation in which they had to maintain custom built integration processes – they needed integration that would solve their EDI challenges “out of the box”.

Jitterbit is used  to process these EDI transactions, including  request and responses between ERCOT and partner systems.  Large amounts of data are processed through Jitterbit on a daily basis, exchanging information such as new customer transfers, meter readings and usage for current accounts, and automated service connections and disconnections.  Jitterbit serves as a key element in Bounce’s  EDI architecture and is vital to the success of the business.


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Bounce Energy




  • EDI is backbone of the energy trading industry and the ERCOT
  • Bounce needed a technology that would eliminate the “heavy lifting” of transacting EDI
  • Wanted an off-the-shelf product rather than building proprietary solutions that would not scale


  • Eliminated “heavy lifting” of transacting EDI orders
  • Competitive advantage gained through “set and forget” integration
  • Two-way EDI integration between Bounce and the State of Texas
  • Automated fulfillment and payment processes


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