Customer Q & A: ACAL BFi

Customer Q & A: ACAL BFi

The ongoing Customer Q & A blog series highlights a wide range of Jitterbit customers to find out what business needs drove their integration requirements and why they made Jitterbit their integration solution of choice.

In this week’s hot seat is Simon Rush, Sales & Marketing Information Manager at ACAL BFi.

Can you tell me a little about ACAL BFi?

Sure, Acal BFi is Europes largest specialist distributor for Electronics and Photonics. Our teams help OEMs to create new revenue streams by using emerging technologies in a number of key vertical sectors: wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, defence and aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, offshore and security.

How did you find out about Jitterbit and what were some of the reasons you chose it as your integration solution?

Jitterbit was recommended to us by a former CRM consultant that had worked with a lot of NetSuite customers requiring integration solutions. We were in the market for an integration platform because our previous solution wasn’t very reliable. We had issues with moving even smaller volumes of data and it required a lot of maintenance and babysitting. We really wanted a solution that we could set up and forget about.. We looked at several solutions and found that Jitterbit offered all the features and functionality we required for the best cost solution.

The fact that we were able to try the product right away spoke about Jitterbit’s confidence in their product, but more importantly, allowed us to get started on building integrations as a proof of concept. Jitterbit was easy to use and was able to move larger volumes of data without issue. We were able to quickly map and transform data between systems, add more complex scripting and scale the solution when needed.

How do you currently use Jitterbit?

We are synchronizing our ERP data with a local MySQL database. We then manipulate this data via the scripting functionality within Jitterbit and feed it as Insert/Update into Netsuite CRM. As part of this process we also use Jitterbit to replicate this data from Netsuite and store it in the MySQL database.

The data records we feed in the system include items, customers and transactions. The number of records we synchronize varies daily from a few hundred to a few thousand. There are times when we may modify all our items in JD Edwards and these changes need to be synchronized in Netsuite. This is more than 400,000 records and Jitterbit handles this process easily.

The future aim is to also link Jitterbit with other marketing tools used in our business.

From a business perspective, how has Jitterbit helped ACAL BFi?

Jitterbit integrates our CRM and ERP allowing our sales team to see a complete picture of our customers activities and offer the customer the highest level of support and service.

From the perspective of our IT department, Jitterbit is supported by a single resource which means we don’t have to hire teams of experts or in-house staff in order to manage and maintain these integrations. Obviously this saves us time and money, but it also allows me and the rest of the team to focus on other projects that can help improve the customer experience.

Thanks Simon! If you want to learn more about ACAL BFi’s integration, be sure to check out theirCustomer Success Story.

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