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How Data Integration Drives Today’s B2B EDI Integration

B2B EDI Integration

If your business deals with numerous document transfers, then you know firsthand the issues that come from trying to pass information to partners and clients. EDI Integration today is more complicated than ever before.

It’s not just about documents. Getting B2B integration right is no easy feat. Consider how many disparate apps are in the place for just one department at any given organization. Now multiply that across all parts of a business, and then across the numerous firms that work together or need to collaborate. In such a disjointed environment, getting information from one stakeholder to another is complicated and arduous—if it can be completed at all. Considering that even small businesses have to worry about a tremendous number of transactions in a given day or week, it’s easy to see the scale of the problem that is modern B2B integration.

For example, let’s say an automobile parts supplier needs to send information on an upcoming order to one of its carmaker clients. Just putting that paperwork in an envelope and calling it a day will not cut it. Data needs to be tightly coordinated and verified with likely dozens of applications on the carmaker’s side, not to mention how that information is generated in the first place. Unless there is tight data integration on both sides, deals will fall through and inaccuracies will pile up. In the automotive industry and essentially any other sector, efficient and effective B2B data integration is the key to good business.

How can EDI integration problems be resolved?

To learn more about B2B integration and related best practices, be sure to check our latest webinar on How Data Integration Drives Today’s B2B Document Transactions. This webinar, led by Andrew Leigh, our VP of Channels, and Cynthia Drake, the CTO of Complete EDI, goes over the many benefits of digital data integration and how it helps firms in a wide variety of industries.


Once you know about the most common pitfalls after watching the webinar, you’ll need to know what you can do to address common B2B integration challenges. That’s why Jitterbit developed an EDI Integration specifically with the problems of modern business in mind. Built to be truly self service, it helps anyone alleviate some of the common issues related to data integration, EDI integration and B2B integration.

Data integration problems are prevalent in many sectors, from agriculture and civil engineering to manufacturing, retail and so much in between. The complexity, inefficiency and time-consuming issues that can be part of EDI and B2B transactions are likely to become even more pronounced as times goes on. By taking steps now to learn more about EDI integration, its intricacies and how it can be effectively resolved through an agile modern integration platform, you can prime your company for more B2B success now—and well into the future.

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