Keep your business in tune with e-commerce data integration

Digital commerce data integration eliminates manual processes and provides real-time data insights.

Commerce 360

Scale faster with commerce data integration.

For e-commerce business owners, keeping up with growth, industry trends and consumer buying patterns presents new opportunities. Jitterbit integrates e-commerce marketplaces and retailers with ERP, CRM, and back-end systems via API, EDI, and more for a seamless flow of commerce data between applications and platforms.

$5 trillion

This year’s expected global e-commerce sales.


The number of annual retail sales that are done via e-commerce.

EDI and APIs eCommerce landscape

How Does Commerce 360 Work?

Commerce 360 provides use-case-driven integration solutions to connect all commerce touchpoints from front-end marketplaces and EDI to back-end ERP and finance systems. Get a single source of truth of customer data to deliver a personalized and frictionless commerce experience.


Connect systems, sync data, and automate workflows.

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Improve Efficiencies

Automate your most complicated workflows and integrate your systems to eliminate errors and process bottlenecks.


Focus on the Customer Experience

Integrate self-service channels with inventory, shipping, and order data, so customers can handle things on their terms using their channel of choice.

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Build Your Brand

Automate order and shipping data between platforms so customers receive timely confirmations and updates which builds loyalty and 5-star reviews

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Grow Your Business

When you integrate e-commerce platforms and systems using iPaaS, you can add more applications to your tech stack so your business grows without missing a beat.


Accelerate E-Commerce Processes

Automate order to invoice creation by integrating e-commerce marketplaces with CRM and ERP.

Sync order data and customer data by integrating CRM to ERP.

Connect your storefront or marketplace to back-end solutions and ERP.

Automate ERP and CRM data with your web store and storefront.

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