Integrate Commerce Applications and Eliminate Manual Processes

Automate commerce processes and bid farewell to resource-heavy tasks. Boost efficiency of order to fulfillment for a seamless buying experience customers will love.

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Elevate the Buying Journey

Create a frictionless buying experience regardless of channel. Commerce Integrations can connect your web store to back-end systems, automate purchasing workflows, and increase visibility of customers no matter where they are.

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Turn insight into innovation

Anticipate shifts in consumer tastes and take action sooner with connected web store and fulfillment systems.

Cost Efficiency

Boost your wallet share

Make data driven decisions on how to improve the buying journey by connecting sales and marketing applications and meet customers where they are.

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Increase transaction volume

Remove inefficiencies created by data silos for seamless, real-time consumer engagement.

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Reduce strain on staff

Automate time-consuming, tedious processes that take your staff’s time away from helping customers.

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Make support reps more efficient

Provide support teams with timely order, product, and shipping information in one place to expedite resolution times and remove the swivel chair effect.


Create brand advocates

Give customers something to talk about by creating a seamless omnichannel experience that integrates all commerce channels, letting customers access information and make purchases on their terms.

Customer Stories

Transforming Commerce Journeys Around the Globe

“Everything is all connected with Jitterbit including our ecommerce selling channels, helping us to better manage inventory and sales. We are very happy with the outcome – it works perfectly – and we know we can always add solutions in the future which is great.”

– Romain Bénichou, CEO, Red Luxury

Use Case: Inventory Management

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“Using Jitterbit, we went from weekly or bimonthly inventory updates to daily updates, which has been a game-changer. The improved accuracy gives us a better feel for our inventory, and our internal systems can more accurately record how Amazon is performing.”

– Jason Ekinaka, Operations Manager at Olukai

Use Case: Lead to Order and Fulfillment

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Why Jitterbit

Supercharge Transactions by Integrating Commerce Applications

By connecting commerce applications, sales channels, and EDI to accounting systems, ERP systems, CRM, and 3PL, you’ll gain a complete view of the entire buying journey. Automate order to fulfillment processes and aggregate data from multiple touchpoints to drive innovation, eliminate manual processes, and create a consistent buying journey every time. Watch the video to learn how!

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