Jitterbit Harmony Fall ‘15 Release, Part 2: The Connectors

Jitterbit Harmony Fall ‘15 Release, Part 2: The Connectors

Jitterbit Harmony Fall Release 2015 is now available, and we covered some of its performance, security, and API management enhancements previously. Now, we link to the fall release webinar and offer a deep dive into the latest connectors and templates we’re providing to speed up your integration experiences.

All of our connectors make it fast and easy to connect different systems with just a few clicks, as well as control exactly what information you want to share (and when) to support your business goals. With each connector, we provide complete guidance to show how information can be shared between systems. That means each team or department at your company can focus on using the system that best meets its needs, while also retaining access to any additional supplemental information to enhance their work.

Make Siebel integration easy with our Siebel Connector

We’ve recently covered the need for Siebel integration, but it bears repeating that any digital business, including call centers, needs to connect numerous systems to create a complete view of the customer and provide the level of service that’s needed to ensure loyalty in an increasingly competitive business environment. Our new Siebel Connector makes it easy to get data from Siebel into other systems, like Salesforce or SugarCRM, and vice versa, and also helps guide you in deciding how the data flows, where it’s stored, and who can access what.

Connect to Siebel

Speed up business with our JMS Connector

If you have a wide spectrum of existing enterprise tools, our new JMS Connector will make it faster and easier to connect to various cloud and SaaS endpoints. The JMS Connector allows users to load data into or pull data out of any queue that’s based on JMS, accelerating the process of moving data between systems. If you’re already using JMS in your business, this connector will make regular operations easier on you, right away.

Connect with JMS

Get more out of Salesforce with CloudReplicate for Oracle

Our CloudReplicate solution for Salesforce eliminates the need to store a local copy of Salesforce data in your network by replicating information from Salesforce to any Oracle database. This helps users move beyond Salesforce data restrictions and API call limitations and enjoy easy access to all of their data from anywhere, with a quick, reliable solution. Note that use of Oracle with Jitterbit requires an Enterprise level subscription.

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New NetSuite–Salesforce Templates

Our new NetSuite to Salesforce templates help you connect these popular cloud systems super fast and in line with with business best practices that follow industry standards. The template gets the apps talking to each other, but you get to pick what they say. Should Salesforce tell NetSuite what fields to update, or vice versa? You decide. With this template, it’s easier than ever for you to drag and drop different data points and create a flow that governs actions in the order you choose, modifying the default best practices for your unique needs.

Unlike other templates that require you to do the work of connecting different data types, we’ve already packaged up all the connections you’ll need in these templates, giving you the complete toolset to automate the tasks that matter to your business.

Connect NetSuite and Salesforce

Finally, we’ve covered it before, but we want to emphasize that our latest release is backed up by SuccessCentral, our new documentation site. Make sure to visit SuccessCentral for the latest tips and tricks on getting started with Jitterbit and getting the most out of your implementation and upgrade.

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Not ready to upgrade yet? Watch our Fall ’15 release webinar to get more details on what the latest version includes.