E-commerce Integration Bumps your Bottomline

E-commerce Integration Bumps your Bottomline

E-commerce is a very profitable, yet complex way of doing business.  There are multiple applications to manage, multiple databases chock full of customer, inventory, shipping and other information, and transactions must take place instantly.  Even with these hurdles e-commerce is a must for any modern business.

Dealing with all kinds of information, including information about products, shipping rates, taxes, inventory, orders, customers, etc. can generate large sets of data – often thousands of products and related orders must be passed on immediately for shipping.   As a result, e-commerce integration, connecting your storefronts with fulfillment and back office systems is a must.

The goal of any integration project should always be to increase your revenue and reduce your operating costs. The right solution will allow adding new products more efficiently by using the same product data in several different operations. Fast access to all customer history and information in your online and physical operations is made available. That will impact your top line in a positive way by allowing you to reference past purchases and potentially up-sell from an automated system.  You’ll also save time by viewing your customer information in one place, rather than building a complete picture manually from several different systems.

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of companies with successful e-commerce integration deployments:

Skullcandy: a manufacturer and online retailer of headphones, Skullcandy had been using ad hoc methods to share information between its ERP, web stores and shipping partners.  Using Jitterbit Skullcandy successfully integrated their key 3PL warehouses owned by UPS and DHL with their SAP by Design ERP application in a matter of weeks.

Petzl: maker of headlamps for sport and professional climbers, when Petzl launched their B2B website, they needed an integration tool that would seamlessly connect their backend ERP system with their customer-facing portal.  With Jitterbit, Petzl was able to forgo lengthy and complex hand-coded integrations and quickly provide retailers a real-time look at inventory availability.

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