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Connecting the right applications helps automate business processes, get the right data in the right place, and inform better decisions.

Real Time

Media is as real time as it gets. Publishers that can’t stay on top of breaking news and emerging opportunities simply won’t succeed. Single channels and narrow distribution models are no longer viable because audience expectations have shifted dramatically. Audiences now expect to access your media in multiple formats, on any device, anywhere, and at any time. To keep up, media and publishing companies must transform themselves to deliver connected experiences across multiple channels.

As models for licensing and distributing content evolve, media companies must cultivate and acquire new capabilities, update or dump old systems and partnerships, and adapt to new business models and consumer expectations.


A Smarter Approach to Integration

Align editorial and business operations, and rapidly connect ad platforms

Integrate with cloud apps and asset management platforms

Respond rapidly to new trends, tips and business opportunities

Easily track how brands and stories are performing in real-time

Connect subscriber engagement platforms with the back office

Build better media products and take them to market faster

Improve visibility into operations throughout the supply chain and beyond

Unify digital connectivity across employees, partners, and audiences

Thrive in transformational media landscape

Media & Publishing Integration Success

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