Elevate Your Ecommerce with BigCommerce, Business Central, and Jitterbit

Future-proof your business with best-in-class commerce tools seamlessly connected to your ERP.


Pre-built BigCommerce-to-Business Central Integration Creates Frictionless Ecommerce for Your Customers

Growing your ecommerce business requires the right tools for the job. BigCommerce’s SaaS ecommerce platform is built to fit your business, enabling you to grow your sales and better serve your customer base.

With Jitterbit’s integration between BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can automate key functions to save time and money while creating better experiences for your shoppers and your employees. This pre-built template reduces manual processes such as order, shipment, and inventory processing; provides a single source of truth for e-commerce data, and eliminates errors and silos by ensuring data consistency across applications with automation.

MS Dynamics - BigCommerce

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BigCommerce Order-to-Fulfillment Process Template by Jitterbit

To create seamless ecommerce experiences, you need to connect your storefront to your back-office, automate business processes, and get real-time visibility into your operations. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – BigCommerce Order-to-Fulfillment Process Template syncs item, product, customer, sales order, and fulfillment data, eliminating manual data entry, while providing a single source of truth for your data. When a new order is created in BigCommerce, a sales order is automatically created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and fulfillment status is updated when parts are shipped. With Jitterbit’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – BigCommerce Order-to-Fulfillment Process Template, you can use pre-built integrations to jumpstart your tech stack and accelerate your time to market.


Benefits of Integrating BigCommerce with Business Central using Jitterbit

Ecommerce integration connects the systems that are needed to run the ecommerce business function. It is critical to integrate your marketplace with your ERP system to handle functions such as accounting, logistics, warehouse management, shipping, customer service, and more.


Automate Manual Processes

Automatically synchronize data between you ecommerce and ERP systems to increase productivity.

Streamline processes, such as quote-to-cash, order-to-fulfillment, and supply chain management.

Reduce overhead costs and save time spent processing orders manually.


Reduce Data Errors

Integration automation ensures data consistency across applications.

Access a single source of truth for data.

Ensure marketplaces and retailers have accurate up-to-date inventory counts.


Drive Greater Efficiency

Eliminate work silos by providing all teams with access to the same time-sensitive data.

Have better visibility of all ecommerce channels to forecast, optimize, and scale the business.

Deliver expedited shipping and avoid cart abandonment by automating the order and fulfillment process.

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