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Technology distributor gains 360-degree customer, order, and inventory visibility.

Integration is key to reliably and efficiently allowing ACAL BFi to see a 360 degree view of their customers and inventory, whether their users are working out of their JD Edwards ERP or Netsuite CRM applications. ACAL BFi had previously used a coding-based application to integrate its ERP and CRM data, but this solution was proving unreliable, required too many technical resources and was proving to be unmanageable as the company looked to scale.

ACAL BFi turned to Jitterbit to provide an easy to use, rapid to deploy integration platform on which to standardize their data synchronization. Today, Jitterbit synchronizes hundreds-of-thousands of customer, item, booking, and billing data between JD Edwards and Netsuite providing a complete view of their customers and inventory. In addition, Jitterbit is used to replicate data from both systems into a local database that provides rapid look-up capabilities. In the future, ACAL Bfi has plans to expand its use of Jitterbit to integrate its marketing system and customer facing web portal.


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JD Edwards, mySQL, Netsuite


  • Automate synchronization of customer and billing data between JD Edwards and NetSuite
  • Replicate ERP and CRM to a local data warehouse to provide rapid lookups
  • Manual processes too expensive, time consuming and difficult to scale


  • Replaced expensive, time-consuming manual processes
  • Integrated over 200,000 customer, booking, billing records 
  • Sales and Marketing have complete visibility to key ERP data
  • Rapid deployment allows for broadened scope to include web portal

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