Customer Q & A: Swish Maintenance

Customer Q & A: Swish Maintenance

Customer Q & A: Swish Maintenance

The ongoing Customer Q & A blog series highlights a wide range of Jitterbit customers to find out what business needs drove their integration requirements and why they made Jitterbit their integration solution of choice.

In this week’s hot seat is Barry Taylor, Project Manager at Swish Maintenance

How did you find out about Jitterbit and what were some of the reasons you chose it as your integration solution?

I was brought on at Swish as a Project Manager for their implementation project and since then, I have deployed their new integration strategy with their new ERP system utilizing Jitterbit as the integration solution.  Salesforce had already been selected as the CRM product to meet Swish’s business needs and another integration tool had been recommended. Swish worked with consultants in order to implement the other tool but began identifying areas where the tool fell short of expectations on both a cost and functionality platform.  Since no one on Swish’s technical team, including myself, had used the other tool, we identified its functionality gaps by struggling to achieve our expected results. After working with the tools for months, we realized that our existing integration tool simply wasn’t going to meet our needs. The Total Cost of Ownership was too steep and realized that we needed another solution.

Before the end of our first year with the project, we began our search for a new tool. The technical and management team at Swish defined a set of requirements and as the Project lead, it was my responsibility to identify the best tool to satisfy both the technical and financial expectations of the company. Since I had worked with Jitterbit on a previous assignment, I reached out to your company as well as a few other competitors that we believed could be viable alternatives. Although we didn’t deploy this through a formal bid process, we did conduct extensive due diligence on the short list of products.

Our findings indicated that the Jitterbit team were very responsive and open to discussing our needs in detail. This allowed me to demonstrate the business value in order to obtain the  approvals necessary, for what was initially a Proof of Concept implementation. Knowing the challenges faced with the prior tool, it was critical that we had assurance of Jitterbit’s ability to  meet our requirements. As an added challenge, we were faced with tight time constraints. The Jitterbit account team were expedient in their actions and exceeded our expectations from the onset. Now that it has been deployed, I am very comfortable with the way Jitterbit works and supports our business.  I chose Jitterbit because of their responsiveness to our objectives and their team’s commitment to service the needs of our business moving forward.

How do you currently use Jitterbit?

We have numerous other applications and legacy systems, including a business-critical ERP Solution that is required to communicate with on a real-time basis.

We leverage Jitterbit as a middleware layer between applications and databases so that we can share information across our ecosystem in real-time. Our goal is to standardize data formats and interactions between all of the various mediums (social, database, application etc).

At present; we connect our ERP system  to Salesforce for sharing information rapidly but the next stages will expand out into other services such as eCommerce and Social sharing.

Swish’s network of companies required us to have the flexibility and control to move information freely and securely across our entire information management network.

Hence, it’s critically important that Jitterbit has the ability to help us to seamlessly integrate with any tool or application that has an open API so that we can define holistic governance model underpinned by a single middleware tool.

From a business perspective, how has Jitterbit helped you?

Our ERP System is a highly proprietary system which makes it challenging from an information sharing perspective. Although this is true, this particular ERP does leverage SQLSERVER as a datamart. Jitterbit has allowed us the ability to go into the tables to extract data and manipulate it in a way that has enhanced our ability to make real-time business decisions.

Previously,reporting capabilities through our existing modules were time consuming and tedious.  However now, with access to Salesforce, we’re able to do much more powerful analytics that enhance our rapid decision making process.

The data is being logged as it comes into Salesforce and our user network, up to and including our CEO, can easily create and report sales data effectively within Salesforce. The data easily moves bi-directionally between systems so that it’s constantly up to date. Streamlining this process has saved our organization significant time and resources.

The tool and processes are simple enough to be internally managed, therefore, eliminating the need to incur costs of external consulting services to perform medial tasks. Now, when consulting services are necessary, it is because it’s something highly complex, and worthwhile investing in external professionals to assist.

Our previous integration tool was somewhat complex in application and thus limited our ability to  do anything quickly and moreover, the team deployed to service us were not providing us with the time and attention we felt were required.

With Jitterbit, changing a field map is as simple as changing my transformation, and running the update. If we have a request for a new report/query through Salesforce or our ERP system, all I have to do is create a criteria and enter the data! Within a short amount of time, it’s developed and delivered to the end user.

The ability to internally control functionality of our system has been a strategic advantage for Jitterbit with our company and with that, the Total Cost of Ownership has decreased and our ROI is evident.

As a Project Manager on this initiative, I am confident in saying that Jitterbit has been a successful venture for our company and I would stand behind the effectiveness of the system and the team that supports us!

Thanks Barry!

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