Better IT Service Management, Less Manual Processes

Build an integrated view of your IT service workflow.

IT service experience 360

IT service experience, automated.

Employees and customers expect their service experiences to be seamless. When organizations connect separate service-related systems together as part of their IT support automation strategy, it enables teams to collect key insights for increased productivity, morale and long-term satisfaction.


Average increase to deployment time using out-of-the-box solutions.

How does Service Experience API360 work?

Service Experience API360 (SX API360) is a series of use-case-driven integration process templates and best practices designed to strengthen IT Service Management. It allows you to connect applications like HCM, CRM, ERP, Finance and more to increase employee and customer satisfaction, retention, productivity and sales.

What is IT Service Management Automation?

To create a seamless, engaging experience for customers and employees, you need to integrate your disconnected tools and processes. Service Experience API360 (SX API360) lets you connect your HCM, CRM, ERP, Finance tools, and more.

  • Improve incident management by automating cases and ticket management.
  • Create a seamless flow of information between teams while strengthening IT security and improving compliance.
Global IT service

Automation to transform your IT service management


Increased Efficiency

Manage the lifecycle of IT assets, improve team productivity and deliver top-quality service to customers.


Happier Customers

Manage issue resolution accurately and expediently to improve customer satisfaction and longevity.


Better Support

Manage employee and customer support tickets to accelerate resolution, automate support, and improve the user experience.


How Can Service Experience API360 Help You?

Integrate with HCM systems and quickly equip employees to be productive and efficient, deliver end-to-end HR service from on-boarding to departure.

Synchronize customer data in applications to quickly and accurately respond to issues.

Improve Incident management by automating cases and ticket management. Tack and resolve issues faster.

Strengthen IT security and improve compliance while maintaining a seamless flow of critical information between teams for increased transparency.

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