General Kinematics

General Kinematics

General Kinematics Shakes the World

Since 1960, General Kinematics (GK) has been manufacturing some of the most innovative bulk materials handling and processing equipment in heavy industry. The company holds more than 200 patents, with GK products installed in virtually every industrialized country in the world. GK specializes in providing equipment to the foundry, mining and recycling industries.  With an employee base greater than 200, it maintains a presence in Germany, China, and Indonesia. With their global workforce, the Illinois manufacturer knew there could be communications issues.

The Business Problem

Since most of its clients are large multinationals, General Kinematics needed all its employees to be on the same page no matter where they were physically located in the world. GK also required everyone to tell the same story, in the same way, to demonstrate to its large clients the company’s global presence. GK purchased Salesforce to provide a complete view of the customer and distribute the marketing message through mobile devices. Adding to the complexity of the problem, to maintain creditability, customer-facing GK employees still needed access to accounts receivable, invoices, and estimates stored in GK’s on-premises Syteline ERP system from Infor. As a leader in engineering, the company first tried to integrate the two packages internally. However, there was a problem. The integration was failing.

Enter Egan

General Kinematics turned to Jim Egan, the company’s Vice President of Sales North to fix the problem. After some fits and starts, Egan found Jitterbit through Salesforce integration partner Endowance Solutions whose Duet360 product is powered by Jitterbit Harmony. The San Ramon, California based Endowance Solutions is ranked by as a 9.90 (out of 10) partner in customer satisfaction. After a careful evaluation, Egan selected Endowance to implement Jitterbit as a part of Duet360.

“We tried to do it our own way but that didn’t work out so well.”
– Jim Egan

The Project

Within ten weeks Endowance was able to deliver the project on time and within budget. Information that was trapped in their respective ERP and CRM silos began to flow freely between the systems and around the globe. Customer facing employees were able to look up opportunities, receivables, invoices, and estimates all through their mobile phones. Once all the critical data points became visible, GK’s customer-facing employees began to adopt the system and enter information into it. With the successful integration in place Egan was able to deliver tangible value to his team.

“Once we went with the Duet/Jitterbit connection everything became much easier.”
– Jim Egan

New Uses for Jitterbit

Now that he had the data to give him a complete view of the customer, Egan was able to analyze the effectiveness of his marketing spend.  When GK bought Salesforce, they also acquired Pardot – Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool.  Using Pardot GK’s marketing team was able to figure out which marketing campaigns succeeded, and which marketing campaigns struggled based on the predetermined KPI’s. In the past year, Egan has been able to attribute at least three deals which were a direct result of GK’s marketing campaigns.  In a competitive global market for heavy equipment, General Kinematics is growing in revenue, thanks in part to Jitterbit.

“From the marketing perspective with what we were able to achieve in linking our products Salesforce and ERP we can now do market segmentation based on what products for what industries and what is selling in what geography.  From our marketing teams perspective we are really able to focus in on the message we want to send out to that community…prior to having this completely integrated we didn’t always know the success of our marketing campaigns and now because of how easy the information is to access we are able to say this campaign worked we should put more money in that.”
– Jim Egan


General Kinematics



Endpoints connected

Infor Syteline and Salesforce


  • Low adoption of Salesforce by the field
  • Large multi-national clients requires everyone on same page
  • Offices in China, Germany, Indonesia, and USA.
  • Lack of internal resources.
  • One false start


  • Reps able look up opportunities, receivables, invoices, and estimates all through their mobile phones.
  • Partners and distributors adopt world-wide.
  • Company expanding its use of Jitterbit.

Why Jitterbit:

  • Recommended by our partner Endowance Solution 

Integration Use Cases:

  • ERP to CRM

Key Success Metrics:

  • Salesforce adoption metrics
  • Effectiveness of marketing spend (leads/dollars)
  • Faster quote to cash process

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