Business Process Integration

Break Down Data Barriers

Every business is under pressure to automate manual processes, better integrate internal systems and securely share data with external parties. Business Process Integration breaks down barriers between systems and their data and creates processes and controls that are more efficient and useful to your business, customers, and partners.

Until now, only the biggest of enterprises could afford the cost and complexity of Business Process Integration software.

Simple, Reliable Business Process Integration

Jitterbit provides a BPI platform that will quickly and reliably integrate your data and technologies, automating and optimizing business processes both within the organization and across customers, partners, and supply chains.

Jitterbit offers a completely graphical “no-code” business process integration solution that is designed with the business analyst in mind. Jitterbit’s intuitive point-and-click UI make it simple to automate manual processes and eliminate manual entry of data, reducing the amount of paper, email, fax and human interaction required to complete a given business process.

By empowering business process users, businesses achieve rapid results without large, expensive project teams and software engineering.

See you can achieve business process integration with Jitterbit’s integration solution.

Staying ahead today requires that your key business processes are automated.   In order to achieve automation, business process integration is key.   In fact, the Gartner Group says “Businesses that connect the design of information and business process with technology will exceed average sector performance by at least 15% ”.