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Make the leap to API-first connectivity using the Jitterbit API platform. Whether you’re simplifying existing APIs or want to rapidly create new ones, the Jitterbit API platform enables you to create, run, secure, manage and analyze all your internal and external APIs and microservices using a single born-on-the-cloud platform. And because our API and integration products run on a single platform, your APIs are free to access any application or data source anywhere, any time. You can even infuse APIs with artificial intelligence to transform your business processes. Start driving innovation and accelerating your API transformation today.

“Jitterbit is the easiest application I’ve ever implemented at Salesforce. We did it without IT help and had it up and running in less than a week.”

Meredith Schmidt, EVP of Revenue Operations, Salesforce


Rapidly create APIs through our intuitive graphical interface.

  • Securely create, run, analyze APIs
  • Easily generate APIs or microservices based on existing data and apps
  • Agile development through point and click
  • Reuse existing code and business logic
  • Consume internal and external APIs
  • Create an API in any format including REST, SOAP, JSON, OData, etc.


Expose your APIs via enterprise-scale API Gateways.

  • Empower developers to publish APIs / microservices
  • Alerting and monitoring of API consumption
  • Monitor API performance and usage volumes
  • Optimize APIs to deliver maximum performance
  • Rapidly expose any application or data as an API
Here are 10 reasons why you need an API integration platform


Complete API Lifecycle Management from any device.

  • Comprehensive monitoring and alerting of API processes
  • Monitor API performance and usage volumes
  • Manage accessibility of APIs and expose to developers
  • Aggregate APIs and bundle as a product
  • Version control APIs to adapt to evolving business processes
  • Apply analytics to determine consumption and performance

Real-time APIs for any Cloud, On-Premise, or Mobile app.

Connect Anything

  • Design APIs with connectors for enterprise apps with our API platform
  • Create a composite API from multiple web services
  • Expose any ODBC or JDBC database as an API
  • Connect via real-time or batch processing options

API Platform Customer Success Stories

Watch an API get created in 2 minutes.

End-to-End Integrated APIs on a Single Cloud API Platform

Harmony API Gateway

  • Next-gen multi-tenant cloud platform.
  • Smart Clustering for unlimited scale.
  • Highly available and self-healing.

Lifecycle Management

  • Unlimited virtual environments.
  • Easily remix environments and agents.
  • Flexible environment migration.

Intuitive Graphical Interface

  • Point-and-click visual design studio.
  • Visual API-based business processes.
  • Create connected APIs in minutes.

Secure Smart Agents

  • Run agents anywhere.
  • Group agents for epic performance.
  • Process millions of records in minutes.

Mobile Management

  • Tune your projects from any device.
  • Full audit trails and real-time alerts.
  • Fine-grained access controls.

Secure and Reliable

  • Industry-leading security and performance with 99.998% uptime
  • Securely connect behind the firewall.
  • Transparency at

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