Food for Thought: Explaining Citizen Integrator Recipes

Food for Thought: Explaining Citizen Integrator Recipes

By Paul Lathrop, Customer and Partner Success Specialist at Jitterbit

The newest iteration of integration, Citizen Integrator (CI), launched last month! Jitterbit people are talking about their integration recipes all the time now, sharing them, testing them, duplicating results.

Simple Recipes

Jitterbit recipes are a best practice.

We “feed” you with functioning recipes. Just like when I was a kid, the first thing I learned how to cook was scrambled eggs. The migration recipes are similar. They are simple recipes that do one thing. We move data from point A to point B. It’s good to know how something is cooked, but sometimes you just want to eat!

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Customizable Recipes

The innovation of the Jitterbit CI: if you want to know how we made the recipe work or if you need to make a change, we can “take you into the kitchen” by loading the recipe into the Jitterbit Studio.

You can build on our recipe in Studio and add your own “flavor.” Some of the recipes work 100 percent for your needs, while others will need to be customized for your environment or for conditions. Say, for example, you don’t want to migrate all ecommerce platform customers to Salesforce contacts for case management; you want just your US contacts or US contacts with a complete address and telephone number. We can show you how to change the recipe to fit these conditions.

Sharing Recipes

I love food so much that sometimes I think about running a restaurant when I retire from the technology game. I consider what recipes are best for a customer in my market.  For example, if I launch a walk up pizza-by-the-slice restaurant in a highly urbanized neighborhood with no seating, I am not going to serve lasagna. Just like the way a restaurateur plans the menu for the clientele, some of Jitterbit’s partners provide the service of integration to their clients in their distinct markets.

Upon the launch of CI, we envisioned how our customers and partners are going to “run their own kitchen.”  Because of Jitterbit’s unlimited environments and users, one admin can plan from CI what will be fed in and out of their systems and who will do it.

As we build out the CI community, the collaboration might give you ideas that you never thought possible. Sometimes there are going to be complex recipes that are meant for complex systems.

Serving Recipes

Notice how I said earlier that Jitterbit has unlimited environments and unlimited users; this enables our Hub partners to make themselves an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) provider, too! Our Hub partners take their expertise in systems like Netsuite, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and marketing automation platforms and serve up the recipes that are in most demand to their clients. Their clients don’t know or care what the ingredients are; they just want to be satisfied by the service.

Now, Everyone Has a Seat at the Table

CI is new to the integration scene. Until now, most integrations that citizen users experience are simply native integrations that allow no flexibility. Jitterbit sees how the user base has matured and gained more skill. Take the Salesforce Accidental Admin for example, many Accidental Admins have grown to become full-on platform developers and architects. The technology platforms are now robust enough for citizens to manipulate the integrations themselves. Citizens have become trusted members of a community and have rights and privileges to effect change. This is a big leap in the integration experience of most users.

Not all integrations are the same, and CI or CI in combination with Jitterbit Studio account for almost every integration experience.

The Jitterbit citizen experience is not unlike our own lives with food. Some citizens have been seated at the restaurant and just can’t wait to consume the recipes. Some citizens have been asked to come into the kitchen and help put food on the table. Some citizens are having their grand-opening weekend showcasing their most flavorful recipes. It’s the same with the CI; there are consumers of Jitterbit integration as a service, there are those who are putting their own twist on a Jitterbit recipe and there are partners who are building their own recipes and contributing to the overall integration ecosystem.

Want to explore some recipes and see what else Citizen Integrator has to offer? Check out our free 30-day trial.


Paul Lathrop is a Customer and Partner Success Specialist at Jitterbit. He’s been in the technology world since 1999, and is a Certified Salesforce Admin and Developer. Paul has a degree in Psychology from Keene State College and a Masters in Finance and Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University. Paul and his wife Jenny live in Portland Oregon where they enjoy hiking on the Oregon Coast and Mt. Hood.