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4 Ways Low-Code Application Development Accelerates Business Transformation

4 Ways Low-Code Application Development Accelerates Business Transformation

By Carole Achramowicz, VP, Product Marketing

Businesses today face mounting pressures to optimize resources, address complex challenges, and meet evolving customer demands. From the need to rapidly digitize operations and workflows to the challenge of integrating disparate data sources and legacy systems, organizations are grappling with a range of technological hurdles that impede innovation and agility.

For example, the explosion of customer data across multiple channels has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to gain a unified view of their customers and deliver personalized experiences. Traditional software development approaches often struggle to keep pace with these dynamic market conditions, requiring lengthy development cycles, specialized technical expertise, and significant upfront investments.

Low-code application development solutions address these limitations by providing a more visual, model-driven development environment, empowering both non-technical and time-pressed development teams to rapidly build, deploy, and iterate on new applications and digital capabilities. This speed and flexibility is crucial for driving business transformation and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, data-driven landscape.

Uncover the freedom to innovate

Low-code application development solutions offer a compelling solution to the challenges of traditional software development. These solutions enable the rapid creation of custom business-critical applications with minimal hand-coding, speeding up the development process and reducing the associated costs and complexities.

Low-code solutions can help businesses not just think big but act big. The very best solutions have revolutionized the way businesses operate, enabling them to compete more effectively in the market and scale their operations without incurring significant overhead costs.

Four ways low-code application development can help an organization include:

  1. Speed and agility: According to Forrester, low-code development can make software development up to 10 times faster compared to traditional hand-coding. Businesses can develop and deploy applications much faster than traditional methods, allowing them to respond quickly to market changes.
  2. Reduced costs: By minimizing the need for extensive coding, low-code platforms reduce the need for highly specialized staff and reduce development costs. This makes it feasible for businesses to develop custom applications even with limited budgets and resources.
  3. Improved integration: Low-code platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing tech stacks. They can connect with various data sources and APIs, unlocking access to siloed data to eliminate gaps in business workflows.
  4. Accessibility and democratization: Low-code platforms enable IT developers and line-of-business users alike to build applications, helping to reduce the burden on IT departments and allowing business users to implement solutions that address their specific needs directly.

What can you build with low-code?

From analytic dashboards to field service portals, anyone in your organization with an idea can use low-code to create. With low-code, you can build:

  • Specialized departmental workflows
  • Mobile apps
  • IoT-enabled smart apps
  • Customer-facing portals
  • Custom dashboards for insights and analytics
  • And much more

Jitterbit’s Vinyl is a prime example of a low-code solution that empowers businesses to create scalable, secure, and compliant end-to-end applications, fully integrated into your tech stack. Vinyl is specifically designed to address complex business problems at scale simply and quickly, with purpose-built applications that run on any device, automate any business process, and integrate any data source without the need for extensive coding.

Empowering businesses with the Vinyl ‘Build Fast’ Bundle

Jitterbit offers the exclusive Vinyl ‘Build Fast’ Bundle to further support businesses in their development goals. This limited-time offer includes the development and deployment of a custom application tailored to your specific use case, as well as a bundle of professional service hours for application development support and training.

If your organization wants to drive digital transformation and overcome the limitations of traditional software development, Jitterbit’s Vinyl and the ‘Build Fast’ Bundle offer a powerful solution.

By leveraging the speed, flexibility, and ease of integration provided by low-code development, you can quickly build custom applications — with Jitterbit right by your side — that enhance your business operations and customer experiences.

Accelerate digital transformation with Jitterbit’s ‘Build Fast’ Bundle for Vinyl

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