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Boost field service delivery with front & back office integration


As a ServiceMax customer you’re looking to streamline your service delivery functions while increasing profits and customer satisfaction. Jitterbit’s ServiceMax Connector lets you synchronize data and automate processes between your field, front, and back office.

ServiceMax Connector

  • Wizard-based connector speeds ServiceMax integration.
  • Pre-built Jitterpaks speed common field service integrations.
  • Jitterbit Automapper simplifies data mapping & transformation.
  • Support for all ServiceMax custom fields and objects.
  • Schedule batch synchronizations or update in real-time.

ServiceMax integration workflow

ServiceMax Integration

  • Connect shipment information between ERP and ServiceMax.
  • Synchronize inventory with any back office ERP system.
  • Optimize customer billing with information from financials.
  • Generate and share new leads with your CRM front office.
  • Streamline sales appointment scheduling.

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