HR 360: Elevating the Employee Experience


Hiring, developing, and retaining employees are critical to the success of businesses.   It might mean submitting tickets to get a new employee a computer, or calculating commissions and processing payroll, or creating an optimal employee experience to drive higher levels of employee satisfaction.  It’s also about utilizing the wealth of data, that is stored in multiple systems such as LinkedIn, Workday, Taleo, NetSuite, Jira, and ServiceNow, while still providing that integrated employee experience.

Challenges come to mind for different members in HR including: How can I move away from manual processes such as needing to login to multiple systems to get a complete view of a candidate?   How can I onboard my employees faster? How can I optimize the employee experience, both boost productivity, and retain employees?

Don’t miss Jitterbit’s “HR 360” webinar which answers these questions and also how you can:

  • Learn from Ultradent on how they are managing their HR lifecycle by connecting and automating their HR,Ticketing, ERP and CRM systems
  • Save costs and gain real-time visibility into the employee lifecycle
  • Utilize pre-built templates, APIs, integration, and analytics to accelerate your organization
  • See a demo of HR 360 in action
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