Get ROI Faster with B2B and EDI Integration


Companies in industries such as retail, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare need to account for ever-expanding global supply chains where the exchange and processing of information are paramount. In order to remain competitive, companies need to move away from manual processes, and automate critical processes such as orders, invoices, and shipments.

How have companies reduced costs by 90% and done this quickly? How can organizations fulfill orders faster, reduce downtime due to system errors, and optimize supply chains? How can you get your trading partners setup quickly and cost efficiently?

Don’t miss Jitterbit’s “Get ROI Faster with B2B and EDI Integration” live webinar and demo which will answer these questions, and learn how you can:

  • Automate your documents with systems such as SAP, NetSuite, and internal databases
  • Quickly setup a trading partner in a matter of hours/days vs. weeks/months
  • See how companies are tackling their B2B challenges
  • Modernize your B2B infrastructure to realize cost savings and efficiencies
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