Connected Providers. Connected Customers.

Jitterbit offers a smarter way to connect to your customers: embedded integration.

Modern businesses expect their products and service investments to work seamlessly. Custom coding or requiring customers to use APIs for integration is time consuming and old school. Strengthen customer connections by delivering rapid, turnkey embedded iPaaS.

Harmony Hub embedded iPaaS makes it easy to create rapid, repeatable integrations between your offering and the other systems your customers use every day. Let Harmony Hub help you impress your customers—while you focus on innovation.

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Autodesk embeds integration options directly into PLM 360, empowering customers to create their own integrations.

More than an API

When customers can connect your product to the systems they already have, it dramatically increases value. Only offering an API burdens your customers to use their developer resources connecting systems, instead of innovating their own products and services.

Harmony Hub is a better approach—helping your customers connect systems faster and allowing your team to focus on what you do best.

Extend the Power of Embedded Integration

Many Jitterbit customers have already become integration hubs—taking our cutting edge technology and using it to enhance their own offerings, attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships.


CancerLinQ securely connects to its member practices to harvest thousands of data points that are transforming cancer care.

Automate Business Processes

Transform integration into a selling point

Differentiate from the competition

Accelerate customer onboarding

Extend your offering without developing new features

Focus your team on innovation, not integration

Free your customers from coding API integrations

Deepen engagement with your connected product

Offering integration opens a new revenue channel

Realize ROI faster – for you and your customers

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Any way you want to implement, Jitterbit can connect you with your customers and accelerate your business with embedded integration.


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