Quote-to-Cash (Salesforce CPQ to NetSuite)

Automate your sales and billing processes with pre-built Salesforce-NetSuite Integrations

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Creating sales orders, processing invoices, and getting accurate order statuses are important business processes, yet for many companies it’s still highly manual, error-prone, and slow.

What if you could automate the entire sales cycle and ensure consistent sales and customer information is accessible from both your CRM and ERP systems?

The result would be better customer experiences by meeting customer needs faster, eliminating mistakes from data errors, and speeding up sales transactions.

Automate Your Quote to Cash Process With Salesforce CPQ-NetSuite

  • Prepackaged Integrations: Pre-built for key objects based on industry best practices
  • Low TCO & Fast Time to Value: Automate 50-80% faster than building from scratch
  • Deep Technical Expertise: From hundreds of use case implementations
  • Intuitive User Experience: Easy to use and quick to deploy

Accelerate Your Quote to Cash Process

  • Consistent View: Create or update Accounts and Contacts between applications
  • Updated Product & Pricing: Changes in NetSuite Items updates Products and Price Books in Salesforce
  • Accurate Processing: Sync Invoices and Orders
  • Streamlined Revenue Management: Automatically update payment and order fulfillment information

Outcome Driven, Fast Time to Value

Quote to Cash - Salesforce CPQ-NetSuite Diagram

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