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2023 State of Automation: LCAP How Low-Code Application Platforms Disrupt the IT Status Quo and Ignite Digital Growth

Jitterbit: 2023 State of Automation - LCAP

Real Insights from Real Leaders

Businesses today are under enormous pressure to drive digital transformation and operate with greater efficiency. Yet, they often lack the internal resources to execute digital strategies that move the innovation needle.

Low-code application platforms have emerged as a key solution, enabling both non-IT and IT executives to build their own business apps without coding experience.

Jitterbit surveyed 100+ participants across industries and departments to find out how organizations view LCAP Integration within the typical enterprise.

This report uncovers insights such as:

  • The prioritization of LCAP in enterprise automation initiatives
  • IT’s concerns and support for LCAP use in business departments
  • The departments most likely to benefit from LCAP and why

Download the report to learn the latest LCAP integration trends, challenges, and priorities.

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2023 State of Automation

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