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Jitterbit Unveils Future of AI Automation at “AI Accelerate: London 2024” Event

Jitterbit Unveils Future of AI Automation

Company gives glimpse of AI vision and strategy, provides real-time AI product demonstration and announces new go-to-market leadership appointments

LONDON & ALAMEDA, Calif., June 6, 2024 — Jitterbit, a global leader in empowering business transformation through automation and application development, today announced developments regarding its AI innovation and product vision at AI Accelerate: London 2024.

During the invite-only event, Jitterbit provided previews of its pioneering advancements in AI application development, integration and automation, while demonstrating three new AI product capabilities the company will beta this year. Jitterbit President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Conner was joined by Chief Technology Officer Manoj Chaudhary to demonstrate the power of its AI capabilities — in real time — to a full-capacity audience.

“The future of application development, orchestration and automation is based on an AI evolution, not a revolution,” said Conner. “Even the most agile organizations need a smart, measured approach to infusing AI capabilities into their business and infrastructure — doing so at their own choice and pace. They shouldn’t be forced to ditch their investments and start new. It’s an unnecessary risk.”

Jitterbit Shows Off Innovation in AI Application Development, Automation

The session highlight was Chaudhary’s demo of the latest in AI-powered application development and automation, as well as the announcement of three upcoming AI-powered product betas:

  • App Builder AI Assistant: Leverage AI to build and/or modify an application using natural language in a chatbot interface.
  • Connector AI Assistant: Use an AI-powered chatbot to build an iPaaS connector for an endpoint that has a REST API.
  • AskJB: An in-product AI chatbot that fields natural language queries of Jitterbit documentation and delivers precise and concise responses.

Invites for the AI beta programs will be shared later in the year to select Jitterbit customers.

“The relationship gap between humans and computers is closing at a rapid pace,” said Chaudhary. “The commoditization of AI is bringing complex problem-solving to a whole new level and doing so by narrowing communication barriers through natural language capabilities.”

AI Unlocks Hidden Knowledge in Organizations

Antonio Cisternino, CISO and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa, joined AI expert Andrew Grill, Nik Smits, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Integr, and Iain Janssens, Head of Business Systems Support & Testing of M Group Services, during an engaging panel to discuss AI’s impact on the changing business landscape.

Cisternino noted, “AI has the potential to revolutionize data integration and automation. IT allows a completely new form of human-machine interaction to deliver a new spectrum of capabilities to zero-code automation. Jitterbit brings enterprise discipline for this brave new era. Enterprises should start thinking about organizing and empowering knowledge. AI is about taking general knowledge from the model and adding enterprise knowledge and feeding this into AI to deliver the best results tailored for the organization. AI can unlock hidden knowledge from within an organization.”

New Jitterbit Leadership Appointments Drive Go-to-Market Change

To accelerate Jitterbit’s go-to-market strategy, including executing its AI vision, the company announced key additions to its leadership team, including:

  • Geoff Blaine, Chief Marketing Officer: Holding more than 20 years of B2B marketing experience across cloud, SaaS, networking and cybersecurity, Blaine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company.
  • Jennifer Binet, Vice President of North America Sales: Binet joins Jitterbit bringing more than two decades of sales experience marked by leadership roles in cybersecurity, cloud services and diverse technology sectors.
  • Kate McIntyre, Vice President of Customer Success: McIntyre was named to the leadership team to ensure customer satisfaction and success. In her new position, McIntyre will play a crucial role in enhancing Jitterbit’s customer relationships and ensuring the highest level of service.

New Premier Support Delivers Global Phone Access, Live 24/7 Agents

Jitterbit’s new Premier Support service is designed to address customer issues with urgency, quality and precision. As a leader in iPaaS and connectivity, Jitterbit recognizes each customer’s environment is meaningfully different.

Premier Support customers, whether using Harmony iPaaS, Vinyl, eiCloud or Wevo offerings, will minimize downtime and maintain business continuity with customized support tailored to their needs.

The program is segmented into three distinct tiers — Premier, Premier Plus and Premier Enterprise — allowing businesses to select the level of support that best fits their requirements. Premier and Premier Plus tiers launched globally this month for eastern time zones and will expand globally to other time zones in October 2024. Availability of the Premier Enterprise tier is coming later in 2024.

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