Jitterbit to Work With Oncology Initiative That Will Help Transform Cancer Care Through Connected Big Data

Jitterbit to Work With Oncology Initiative That Will Help Transform Cancer Care Through Connected Big Data

Jitterbit’s Healthcare Integration Platform Powers Connectivity Between ASCO’s CancerLinQ Learning Health System and Trailblazing Oncology Practices

 Alameda, Calif., Jan. 26, 2016 — Jitterbit, the leading provider of fast, agile integration solutions for the modern enterprise, today announced an effort with CancerLinQ LLC, a wholly owned nonprofit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), to access, share and code rich clinical data to help physicians measure and improve care for millions of patients worldwide. CancerLinQ LLC selected Jitterbit for its unique ability to manage the complex and highly sensitive task of securely accessing, compiling and coding medical data from oncology practices located throughout the United States for the CancerLinQ system, which leverages Big Data to improve cancer care.

With Jitterbit’s help, CancerLinQ will bring order to the inconsistent and often-chaotic world of electronic health records (EHRs) by streamlining and automating the way data is shared through a secure, privacy-oriented network. Most EHR systems make it cumbersome for practices to share important patient health information to participate in quality and knowledge-sharing initiatives, creating silos of data that could otherwise be used to contribute to more effective cancer care. Using Jitterbit’s healthcare integration platform, participating CancerLinQ practices can easily share information with CancerLinQ, enabling them to enjoy benefits such as minimizing the need to toggle between complex screens in the EHR by providing a snapshot of a patient’s current status and a comprehensive, longitudinal view of their important diagnostic and treatment milestones.

Jitterbit also enables practices to instantly and easily share a full range of patient health information with CancerLinQ (unless a patient opts out), no matter what type of medical records system the practice uses, making it easier for practices to participate in CancerLinQ. Physicians can use this information to provide patients with instant context around different treatment options, and to track their performance and quality of treatment compared to thousands of other oncology clinics.

“Jitterbit is helping us harness Big Data to improve cancer treatment by connecting vast amounts of patient health information from a wide range of EHR systems in CancerLinQ,” said Rich Ross, chief solutions officer for CancerLinQ LLC. “Jitterbit’s proven success in connecting even the most complex cloud-based applications will enable us to offer a platform that can be implemented quickly with minimal technical effort by resources at member practices.”

“CancerLinQ offers an unprecedented opportunity for doctors and researchers to learn from massive amounts of data that have never been available at this scale,” said Jitterbit CTO Ilan Sehayek. “We’re incredibly proud to help bring the power of Big Data to cancer treatment, and we look forward to helping them transform the way patient care is delivered by sharing previously inaccessible information that can lead to more informed decisions and better outcomes.”

ASCO is currently leading the development of CancerLinQ with the goal of including every one of the organization’s worldwide member oncology practices. To learn more about CancerLinQ technology and get the latest updates, please visit CancerLinQ.org. For more information about Jitterbit’s healthcare connectivity solutions, please contact healthcare@jitterbit.com.

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