Governance and Monitoring

Orchestrate custom automations, implement integration patterns, and automatically monitor intelligent data flows.

Your Company Needs Governance to Grow

Platform Management

Governance is necessary for any organization to grow sustainably and it is no different for your technology ecosystem. As your organization grows, so does the volume of data, systems, APIs and the number of people developing and consuming information.

Medium and large organizations may have as many as 120 to 200 different applications used across departments. Having proper governance of your integration infrastructure is key for organizations to increase efficiencies, accelerate growth, and enable new business models.

Improve Your Application Governance

The volume of information stored within the different systems used by departments in organizations has increased exponentially, making it infeasible to synchronize data manually between applications. For efficiency, data synchronization needs to be done automatically.

Point-to-point integrations are not a scalable solution. They have very low governance, require a lot of maintenance and complex monitoring, and do not guarantee stability and health.

Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS solves these challenges. You can integrate disparate systems from different providers with  different protocols by establishing standards for system integrations, scalability, governance, and simplified maintenance and monitoring.

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