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Integrate Cloud & On-Premise Systems

Automatically sync data between applications delivered in the cloud or locally.

The benefits of integrating systems using Jitterbit's Wevo iPaaS

Cloud On-Premise

The digitalization of medium and large organizations combined with the proliferation of technology solutions over the past two decades has created a need to integrate systems with very different technological characteristics, or as we call it: “the need for integration between the old world of on-premise software and the new world of SaaS software”.

It is common these days for organizations technology ecosystem to include a combination of applications from different vendors – compared to the turn of the century when large software manufacturers, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, were often responsible for the company’s entire ecosystem of solutions. Today, medium and large organizations may have between 120 and 200 different applications used across different departments.

Over time, this can lead to fragmented data across different systems and departments that causes duplication of efforts and human error.

Providing Growth for Businesses with Cloud & On-Premise Integration

The volume of information stored within the different systems used by departments in organizations has increased exponentially, making it impractical to manually synchronize between applications. For efficiency, data synchronization needs to be done automatically.

By integrating SaaS, on-premise and legacy systems used in your company’s sales, logistics, inventory, finance, customer service and HR departments, applications operate in sync to deliver more value and enable true digital transformation for your organization.

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