The #1 Cloud Data Loader celebrates #3MillionInstalls with the Salesforce AppExchange

The #1 Cloud Data Loader celebrates #3MillionInstalls with the Salesforce AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is celebrating 3 million installs this week!  As one of the first vendors to join the AppExchange almost a decade ago, it’s been a thrilling ride to be a part of. On the week of this huge milestone we want to congratulate Salesforce on making available such a critical cloud platform which has allowed for such extraordinary success in the distribution of apps in the Salesforce ecosystem.  The AppExchange has had a tremendous impact on this space and on Jitterbit.

In a few weeks we celebrate our own milestone anniversary – 3 years of the Cloud Data Loader! And what a 3 years it has been, now with over 50,000 Salesforce customers using the app.

Jitterbit’s free Cloud Data Loader is not only the highest rated app of its kind on the AppExchange, but with 500+ reviews to date has become the data loader of choice for organizations seeking a simple-yet-powerful data loading solution for connecting Salesforce to any database or flat files.  We are extremely proud and excited to see our product become one of the most popular apps on the Appexchange and to have done our part to contribute to the #3MillionInstalls Salesforce is celebrating this week.

Since the AppExchange is the #1 go-to source for Salesforce customers looking for solutions to complement their investment in the Salesforce platform, it’s no surprise that the SFDC admin community highly values the ratings and feedback of users who have taken the time to leave their comments.   While some choose just to rate the app, others provide detailed commentary which dives deepers into the nuances of the product. We appreciate every review, but especially these.

For example, one of from the IT Director of Petzl America:

Amazing Integration Tool

This knocks the socks off Apex Data Loader in terms of getting data in or out of Salesforce! The wizards are great at walking you through the steps to set up your data load. The graphical mapper is great to match up your fields and it even lets you do some basic formulas (combine two fields into one, set default values, etc.)

Where the Jitterbit Data Loader really shines is its ability to read and write ODBC and JDBC data sources. This combined with the scheduler lets you schedule loads of data from other systems on a regular basis to keep everything in sync.

Unlike some of the other free integration tools out there, the Jitterbit loader lets you load as many records as you want as frequently as you want.

Great product!”

If you haven’t tried Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader yet, this is the week to do so. Hey, you might just be the 3 millionth install (we’ll provide the #1 Data Loader and the confetti). Sign up for the free app from the AppExchange here. If you need more than data loading, and want to connect Salesforce with any other app including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of our Jitterbit Harmony solution right from the AppExchange too.

The Salesforce AppExchange has allowed us to showcase our best-in-class solutions and we are proud to continue our presence and celebrate 3 Million Installs.  So, now the question is: How will YOU be celebrating?  How about starting here….