Speaking Truth to Data Integration in the Cloud

Speaking Truth to Data Integration in the Cloud

We’ve got our heads in the cloud today, but there’s nothing nebulous about what Jitterbit Cloud Edition offers you.

In developing our cloud integration offering we wanted to make sure that we offered the same features, robustness, and value that our users have come to expect from our on-premise software. We also wanted to offer something unique from our competitors. What we found when we looked at their cloud integration solutions was a rather surprising, yet consistent bait and switch. Among the smoke and mirrors we discovered:

Limited Functionality. Many cloud integration solutions fail to offer the in-depth features and functionality that is required for serious integration projects. Some vendors claim you need to upgrade to their on-premise version or appliance to get these features, while others push cookie-cutter integrations that few organizations can actually succeed with.

Nickle and Diming. One of the great things about cloud applications is the flexible monthly pricing where you pay only for what you use. However, some integration vendors have taken this to the next level by charging per connection. While this makes sense in theory, the reality is that most organizations need to connect more than the minimum two systems. Whatsmore, this per connection pricing balloons 10x when it comes to “premium” systems (aka, common enterprise systems like Oracle, JD Edwards, and SAP).

False advertising. Everyone wants to claim they are in the cloud, but in the rush to get there many integration vendors have glossed over the fact that the first thing you need to do to get started with their cloud offering is to download up to a 100 meg “runtime” (aka, an integration server). In fact, for any on-premise connectivity and larger volumes of data, these “runtimes” actually process your data. If you have to download software and that on-premise software does most of the work, is that cloud?

We didn’t want to go down this road. With Jitterbit Cloud Edition we wanted to offer real-world, practical cloud integration solutions. How did we accomplish this?

Offer all the same features and functionality that you get with the on-premise version.Team and project management tools, built-in connectivity to over 250 systems, full plug-in support, and the same feature-rich process designer. The experience you get with Jitterbit Cloud Edition is the same one you would get running our software behind your firewall.

All-inclusive pricing. One price for unlimited connections and users. Starting at $799/month, there is no limit to the number of systems you can connect with Jitterbit Cloud Edition and no restriction on user access. You can choose more expensive packages if you’re looking for 24/7 support response times or dedicated technical account managers. Compare the real cost of your integration requirements with any of the other vendors and you’ll find Jitterbit Cloud Edition is a fraction of the TCO.

Honest integration assessments. Jitterbit Cloud Edition is primarily designed for cloud-to-cloud integration. In practice, firewalls and large volumes of data can kill any value of a cloud-based integration solution. We aren’t looking to make you download the Jitterbit server and boldly maintain that you’re using a cloud product. In reality, if a majority of your data or systems are on-premise, it is going to make more sense to run Jitterbit Enterprise there as well. If you’re mostly in the cloud, Jitterbit Cloud Edition will connect these systems quick and easy. If you aren’t sure which solution is right for you, just ask us.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be talking more truth to cloud. For now, be sure to check out theCloud Edition section of the website to learn more. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial to try Jitterbit in the cloud!