Salesforce World Tour Chicago Wrap-Up

Salesforce World Tour Chicago Wrap-Up

Last Thursday at the Salesforce World Tour Chicago, Gretchen Horn, VP of Application Development at General Growth Properties (GGP), gave a presentation about her company’s use of Salesforce and Jitterbit to save time and money. At the event, Gretchen also chatted with Julie Hansen, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce, and our own alliances director Vera Rossi about how integration helps bring out the best in Salesforce and all the other apps you use in your business. See their conversation in the video interview above for a glimpse into how GGP uses Salesforce, and check out our more in-depth overview of GGP’s success below.

How Jitterbit Saves Time and Money

Integration isn’t just an initiative to undertake to check off an IT box. It has tangible business benefits that companies can measure in time and money saved. That’s the benefit that integration realized for GGP, a real estate company with 131 properties, 123 million leasable square feet of retail, and 1700 employees.

Before getting integrated with Jitterbit, GGP was using separate systems: an ERP to manage property data and a custom CRM to handle customer information. This made it hard to get the right insight into all of the steps involved in getting its properties leased out and ready for move-in.

By bringing Salesforce and Jitterbit into the picture, GGP was able to eliminate manual entry into disparate systems, capture relevant information immediately, and create a single source of truth in Salesforce. GGP also built a mobile app that uses all of this accurate data to accelerate the process of closing an opportunity to opening a store for business.

With integration in place, GGP can now count on everyone being able to access the information they need. This means that whether a store is selling American Girl dolls or American Eagle jeans, it can open its doors and start selling faster.

Favorite AppExchange Apps

In addition to sharing how Jitterbit has transformed GGP’s business, GGP IT Director Mifta Bari also shared a few of his favorite apps from the AppExchange (pictured below). This included Jitterbit Harmony, of course, but also Qandor Field Trip, which analyzes field usage for any object; and Apttus Contract Management, which helps create and manage contracts.

We’re thankful to all of our customers for their dedicated partnership and inspiring enthusiasm, but we particularly appreciate GGP getting up on stage last week and sharing their story. Big thanks to Gretchen and Mifta for participating in the World Tour, and we encourage all our customers and partners to contact us if you’re interested in telling your own integration story more widely. Finally, we would love to connect next week at the Salesforce World Tour Boston if you are planning to be there.

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