Mophie Charges Forward with SAP & Salesforce Integration

Mophie Charges Forward with SAP & Salesforce Integration

Mophie makes the #1 mobile battery case in North America and recently received national attention for its clever and hilarious Superbowl ad.  More recently, Mophie, Salesforce and Jitterbit brought attention to how Mophie accelerated their business and streamlined connected processes between Salesforce and SAP — critical when you see the type of spike in traffic and sales that Mophie did after the Big Game!

As we’re all aware (and too often, not long after lunch…) phone batteries need to be recharged.  Enter Mophie.  By capitalizing on this consumer need,  Mophie has grown rapidly and the need to streamline business processes, from how orders are fulfilled to how customer service requests are answered has also grown. Integrating front and back office processes has allowed Mophie to scale quickly and keep up with demand.

All the way back in 2009, Mophie was using Salesforce Service Cloud to handle customer inquiries and respond to cases at high speed. With their growth rate increasing, this was not enough. Mophie needed to streamline backend processes and using, they were able to extend Service Cloud to “handle a common customer complaint, have it send an email, set a status, and send an outbound message.”`

Mophie is a global business. The company opened offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands last year and at the same time realized that it no longer made sense to ship replacement parts from their center in Michigan. By using Jitterbit to connect SAP, they were able to have an updated workflow running in a few days, instead of several weeks.

Mophie plans to expand their use case to other parts of the business.  For instance, handing out samples is a big part of the sales process and Mophie has created a custom object in Salesforce to track this process. Instead of manually reporting out of Salesforce and loading that report into SAP, they are using Jitterbit to automate that process. Using the Salesforce1 platform, Mophie is making these sample requests available for automated approval by field sales reps, wherever they are.

Hear the story directly from Mophie in this on-demand recorded webinar hosted by Salesforce: how mophie Extends Sales and Service with and Jitterbit.