Make the Most of the Cloud: Benefits of Digital Disruption

Make the Most of the Cloud: Benefits of Digital Disruption

Digital disruption may be quite the buzzword these days, but it’s for good reason. Numerous industries, from taxis and food delivery to journalism and so much else, are forever changed because of digital disruption. After all, when was the last time you called a travel agent or ordered an item from a catalog? It’s estimated that more than 40 percent of companies around in 2016 won’t be doing business in 2026 due to digital transformation.

It’s one thing to identify the need to embrace digital transformation, but actually facilitating it in a beneficial fashion is another matter entirely. Positive digital disruption does not happen overnight, regardless of how long a company has been around. Even newer businesses often have difficulty getting it right, especially with all of the old, disjointed technology in place at the typical company.

Consider the case of Blockbuster. The business did not boom until the rise of videocassettes and VCRs, making it a technologically-forward business in its time. Even the rise of new disc technology did not disrupt its business, as Blockbuster just added DVDs to its repertoire. But, like many businesses before it, the company failed to predict the ultimate digital disruption that would be caused by the internet and companies like Netflix, and is little more than a cautionary tale today. Just because a business has managed digital disruptions previously does not mean it is primed to fare well in the future.

Digital disruption is hardly just a problem for B2C companies, as B2B firms need to adapt as well. Even businesses that have been working with other businesses for hundreds of years are being disrupted by cloud computing, apps and myriad other new technologies.

How to do digital disruption right

Digital disruption may be a tough pill to swallow, but it is one that all businesses will eventually have to face down. Luckily, facilitating digital transformation can be easier than many companies think. Check out our webinar on DIY Digital Disruption to learn how. R “Ray” Wang, Chairman and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, explains how cloud integration, in conjunction with a self-service, real-time API platform, enables any business to lay the necessary groundwork for a positive digital disruption.

As technology changes client and customer expectations, it is critical for businesses to adapt to new realities—or else face the reality that they will soon be out of business for good. This webinar walks you through what you need to know about digital disruption and what you can do today to prime yourself and your firm for success tomorrow. DIY digital disruption is both possible and highly necessary.

Digital disruption may be scary, but at this rate it is inevitable. With cloud integration and real-time API tools in place, however, companies can facilitate their own digital transformation. If your business wants to still be around in 2026, then getting digital transformation right now is imperative.

It’s a matter of when, not if. Luckily, with help from this webinar, alongside self-service cloud integration and Jitterbit’s real-time API platform, navigating the choppy waters of the digital disruption sea can happen smoothly.

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