Integration: the key to effective digital marketing

Integration: the key to effective digital marketing

Today trends and consumer preferences change faster than ever before. New products release more often and new competitors launch every day.  To stay ahead, an organization must embrace digital marketing.  This includes two steps: 1. analyze and segment data with the latest BI and analytics solutions (Business Intelligence) like Birst and GoodData and 2. marketing execution using the lastest in marketing automation tools including email and social marketing solutions like Marketo, Salesforce, and SilverPop.  These tactics can provide value on their own, but gaining actionable insight requires a view of the bigger picture.

It seems obvious to have all your data in one place for a better view of the big picture, yet many marketers still look across disparate data sources to piece together a complete view.  Searching across spreadsheets, CRM, marketing software, data warehouses, and social media is a full-time job in itself, leaving little room to take action on any insights gained.  A digital marketer without integrated systems may have trouble giving actionable answers to questions like:

  • What is causing a spike in visits to a section of our website?
  • Why are sales of one product holding steady in the Americas and declining in EMEA?
  • How do we capitalize on these shifts in the future and more quickly than possible now?

Marketing has become a technology driven department, so some explanation of these questions is likely available:

  • What is causing a web traffic spike?  Try checking your SEO solution to see where leads are coming from.
  • Why are sales up in one region and down in another?  Your social listening app should have something to say about that.
  • How can an organization identify and capitalize on these trends in the future?  Take a look at the big picture, across the multiple applications already used by your organization.

This last action is easy when digital marketing integration has been embraced across an organization’s applications!  As Andrew Lisa says on, “Consolidating and integrating your data is imperative. Marketing campaigns run on data, and having it doesn’t accomplish anything if it isn’t easy to access, search and retrieve.”

With integration to social channels like Facebook and Twitter, marketing automation systems like Marketo, CRM like Salesforce and MSCRM, and ERP systems such as SAP and Netsuite, Jitterbit can provide one view of data for timely, accurate insights.  If you are tired of guessing at trends and would like your marketing department to be more data-driven, be sure to give us a call!  Our newest release, Harmony, has the ability to make the marketing department more effective, all while running in the cloud!