Jitterbit supports Diabetes Programs – Highlights from Tour de Cure Silicon Valley

Jitterbit supports Diabetes Programs – Highlights from Tour de Cure Silicon Valley

At Jitterbit, we believe in following the 1/1/1 model set by Salesforce, which means we participate in charity events whenever we can.  In the past we’ve supported the Taylor Family FoundationBikeMS, and Yoga Reaches Out – clearly we like to get physical when it comes to our charitable activities!

Recently we supported Tour de Cure Silicon Valley, which is very personal for me.  In Feb 2011, my husband Scott was diagnosed with adult onset Type 1 diabetes.  With no family history and with Type 1 usually found in kids, our family was shocked to hear this news.  This came out of nowhere.  Type 1 stems from the body’s failure to produce insulin, preventing glucose from entering cells in your body and fueling them.  5-10% of Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 1.

Since Type 1 is an auto-immune disease that affects blood relatives, putting them at higher risk, it only took 4 years before our daughter Mia was diagnosed at the age of 10.  Mia and Scott both now wear Medtronic MiniMed insulin pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors, that allow them to administer insulin as needed to regulate their blood sugar.  Life is different, but thanks to medical advances funded by organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is now manageable and does not stop them from doing all the fun activities they love.

1426 riders started at HP’s Palo Alto headquarters on the Sunday morning and set off on their chosen routes ranging from 25k to 120k.  Red riders (those riding with Diabetes) were the first to take off at the start line.

Jitterbit CEO George Gallegos and his wife Vicki were among some of the generous donors of Tour de Cure Silicon Valley on Sunday June 7th.  I led Team Gualdoni in the ride to help fund programs run by the American Diabetes Association.  Team Gualdoni was a group of my family and friends, including Jitterbit’s Vera Rossi.  Raising $4120 so far out of the overall total of $740K, the team continues in their crusade to raise awareness and funding for Diabetes programs.

For more information on Tour de Cure, please visit their website.  We hope to see you at our next event for charity!