Jitterbit Harmony Fall ‘15 Release, Part 1: The Basics

Jitterbit Harmony Fall ‘15 Release, Part 1: The Basics

Jitterbit moves fast. Most of our customers get up and running on our cloud integration platform in under 30 days, and it typically takes only one person at each company to manage Jitterbit. For those who demand speed, our Harmony Fall ‘15 release brings good news – we’re getting even faster.

We’ve made significant advances in performance, scale, and security. We’ve also added connectors that will help you amplify the power of certain applications more quickly. In this blog post, we provide a quick review of the features in our Fall ‘15 release. For more detailed information, check out our Fall ‘15 Webinar recording, available here.

To upgrade at any time, just log in to the Jitterbit web management console and go to the Download section.

The fastest integration yet

The performance enhancements in the latest version of Harmony have helped our customers do some great things. In controlled tests, customers have been able to process thousands of records per minute, and transfer more than 1 million email addresses between systems quickly. While actual performance will vary depending on your system, environment and use cases, we anticipate you’ll be impressed with the speed you experience after the upgrade.

Integrate faster

The most secure integration available

Over the past few years, several security breaches have made headlines. From the heartbleed bug to the Target hack, major holes were found in what were thought to be leading security practices. At Jitterbit, we’re constantly monitoring the latest in security and updating our systems to be as secure as possible. For example, the fall release includes support for TLS 1.2, the highest grade security currently available and a requirement to keep Salesforce integrations working in 2016, as well as built-in SSL support in the API Gateway. We encourage you to upgrade to take advantage of top security in a simple way – everything’s built in and ready to keep your systems as secure as possible. And you may know, but we are also HIPAA compliant and ready to handle sensitive data, including PHI, if you need us to. Without the latest updates, you’re not as secure as you could be, so please upgrade.

Get the latest security

Make updates with Lightning Connect

As announced at Dreamforce, Salesforce recently opened up Create, Update, and Delete support for Lightning Connect – previously, Lightning Connect access was read only. With complete CRUD support, it’s possible to update a database straight from Salesforce without synchronizing – it just happens automatically. So, say you have account information in Salesforce connected with order information in a back-end ERP. Now, you can immediately see right in Salesforce when an order is processed or canceled, no sync necessary, so salespeople can provide better service and support can be more responsive. This also eliminates the need to upload lots of duplicate data into Salesforce and allows all information to reside in the appropriate systems of record.

Update with Lightning Connect

Enhanced agent and API management

We’ve enhanced our API management tools with superior controls for partner agent deployment so teams can create APIs, then easily hand them off for network engineers to review and implement the business practices that keep API usage contained to the right environment. If our partners or customers are creating APIs for their own customers, they can be completely sure that these APIs only provide access to their customer systems – not those of our own customers or partners. Basically, you’ll never access the wrong environment, so your customers are protected from you and you’re protected from them, too.

On a related note, you can now install Jitterbit cloud agents in your customers’ systems without giving them access to your own. This ensures that everyone’s data is stored in the right places and accessible to the right people, even as you use APIs to move info where it needs to go.

Ready to get even more out of your integrations?

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