Integrate Servicemax with Back Office ERP

Integrate Servicemax with Back Office ERP

Integrate Servicemax?  Yes we can.  Last week we not only announced our partnership with ServiceMax, but we were also the integration sponsor for their customer event, Maximize.

Jitterbit is the solution of choice for ServiceMax integration and offers customers a rapid and simple way to connect their field service data such as scheduling, work order management, dispatch, warranties, SLAs and more with their back office ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite.

The Maximize event was a huge success and kudos go to the entire team at ServiceMax for executing such an educational event for their customers and prospects.

The ability to integrate ServiceMax was top of mind for everyone at the event as much of the key data required to make ServiceMax truly sing lives in those back office apps.

The most common needs we heard from customers and prospects at the event were:

  1. Connecting customer master data including Accounts and Contacts and making them available and up-to-date in ServiceMax.   The need for synchronization went the other way here as well, with many customers wanting their field technicians to be able to update key contact information (address, phone, etc.) on their mobile devices, and having these important updates sync to the back office.
  2. Connecting work order information available to the field with product inventory and other key back office data such as account status, SLAs, and more.   In addition, there was a strong need to automate processes such as automatically creating new opportunities in your CRM app from the field when a new work order was created through ServiceMax.
  3. Easier forecasting of spare parts and inventory based on data from multiple disparate apps.   By connecting your data from out in the field with both your front and back office apps, your teams can get a true handle on the business to provide better service, deliver real-time updates, and keep the executive team appraised of the state of their business.

We are extremely excited to be partnered with ServiceMax and look forward improving the efficiency of field technicians everywhere ServiceMax is deployed!  Check out our ServiceMax integration page to learn more.