How to integrate LDAP to access profiles, directories, and content

How to integrate LDAP to access profiles, directories, and content

Take a quick look at your IT architecture and chances are you’ll find at least one LDAP-based system:  Microsoft Active Directory, Sharepoint, Exchange, Novell eDirectory, IBM Tivoli, or even an open source alternative such as Apache Directory.

Are these applications connected to the rest of your enterprise?  Are you synchronizing profiles securely between these directories and your CRM, Social, and other apps?  Is your content available not only in Sharepoint, but within the applications that your front and back office use?  When organizations integrate LDAP they can connect profiles, directories, and content with any other application.

The risk of not integrating your LDAP data can be far-reaching.  An organization may have trouble managing and planning IT assets and services across locations.  Or IT may be forced to provide ad hoc updates to the network to allow employee access.  Employees may even be forced to log in to multiple systems, multiple times, wasting valuable hours, increasing frustration, and worst of all — creating the potential for security issues.

Take our customer, United, for example.  They had exactly these issues with managing assets and services across airports, corporate and local offices.  They needed to identify consistent problem areas in the network in order to perform upgrades.  United needed automated synchronization to integrate LDAP data.

Using Jitterbit, United was able to obtain a real-time view of their network, users, and assets across airports while replacing expensive manual integration scripts and programs.  Now, all their data is consolidated and accessible in Sharepoint, making access to their critical business data simple and accurate.  What’s more, a single business analyst was able to integrate LDAP as well manage the ongoing processes – not bad!

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