Integrate 2015: A Clear Win for Connectivity

Integrate 2015: A Clear Win for Connectivity

We participated in the Integrate 2015 conference this week, giving a talk about the digital connectivity roadmap and leading a deep dive session into our Internet of Things capabilities. We had a great time (wo)manning the booth, discussing the ins and outs of connectivity with other technologists, and even riding a sweet tricycle around the show floor. (Thanks for the ride, Full Contact!)

As befits a conference that integrated data, APIs, and integration topics, we weren’t the only ones excited about connectivity. showcased a connected basketball hoop (no word on whether it actually helps you make backward shots), Sabre Corp shared a new way to coordinate travel, Sinch offered mobile messaging options, kubi brought out a robot designed to enable better video calls, and Smart Kapp took whiteboards into the connected era.

The overarching theme of the show was definitely that everything needs to be connected – but it’s clear we haven’t necessarily figured out how yet. What does seem certain is that not everything needs to be connected in exactly the same way. Some internet-enabled devices will require connectivity with a higher level of security and user permissions, while some social cloud apps just need a high volume of connections. That’s where a flexible cloud connectivity platform that can connect to both cloud and on-premise apps and data with ease, in real time, becomes valuable.

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